FPL Analysis: Is Trent Alexander-Arnold a better asset as a 6 or a Right Back?

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July 27, 2023

FPL Analysis: Is Trent Alexander-Arnold a better asset as a 6 or a Right Back?

Welcome, fantasy football enthusiasts and sports aficionados, to another exciting edition of our FPL (Fantasy Premier League) analysis! Today, we delve into the intriguing question that has been on the minds of countless managers and armchair pundits alike: Is Trent Alexander-Arnold a better asset as a central midfielder or as the dynamic right-back we’ve all come to admire?

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s journey to becoming one of the most influential players in the Premier League has been nothing short of remarkable. Renowned for his blistering pace, pinpoint crosses, and an uncanny ability to find the back of the net from set-pieces, the Liverpool star has been a consistent points-earner in fantasy football for several seasons. However, the recent tactical changes at Liverpool have sparked a debate on whether he could potentially be an even more formidable force in the heart of the midfield. Today, we take a closer look at the data, examine the tactical implications, and attempt to answer the burning question that has divided FPL managers everywhere.

The Tactical Evolution

In recent seasons, Liverpool’s tactical setup has undergone subtle transformations, leading to the emergence of discussions surrounding Alexander-Arnold’s position on the field. With the evolution of football and the ever-changing demands of modern play, the traditional role of a full-back has expanded beyond defensive duties. Managers now seek versatile players who can contribute significantly to both offensive and defensive aspects of the game.

In this context, the idea of utilising Alexander-Arnold’s creativity, vision, and passing ability in a more central role has gained momentum. Deploying him as a central midfielder, or the number “6” position, could potentially allow him to control the game from a deeper role while still having the license to unleash his trademark long-range passes and contribute to goal-scoring opportunities.

In 2022/23 he was under intense scrutiny from many about his ability to defend from the wing back position. Which has gone hand in hand with the stark failings of the Liverpool midfield as well. Leading to many to question how does Jurgen Klopp go about rebuilding this team and taking Liverpool back towards the top of the Premier League table. This moving of Alexander-Arnold from defence to midfield might be the best thing for both parties should Liverpool being able to get a new full back in.

Unraveling the Stats

To truly understand the impact of Alexander-Arnold’s positioning, let’s take a closer look at the statistics. As a right-back, he has consistently delivered impressive numbers season after season. His assists from crosses and set-pieces are unrivalled, making him a priceless asset in FPL. However, when analysing his potential impact as a central midfielder, we must consider additional metrics such as successful through balls, key passes, and interceptions. Which allow him to be more involved in attacking phases and therefore more like to receive attacking returns in Fantasy Premier League.

The Debate: Points vs. Versatility

The question of whether Trent Alexander-Arnold is a better asset as a 6 or a right-back sparks passionate debates among FPL managers. On one hand, his points haul from the right-back position has been immense, proving his worth as a premium fantasy pick. On the other hand, the prospect of earning points from clean sheets, goals, and assists as a central midfielder entices managers seeking versatility in their squads.

Klopp’s Perspective

Ultimately, the decision lies with Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp. His tactical acumen and understanding of players’ strengths have been pivotal to the success of the team. Klopp has experimented with Alexander-Arnold in midfield during certain matches, indicating that he recognises the player’s adaptability. However, Klopp’s tactical approach often adapts to the specific requirements of opponents and the game at hand, meaning we may see Alexander-Arnold deployed in both positions throughout the season.

As we draw the curtains on our FPL analysis, we’ve certainly explored the fascinating question of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s positional superiority – is he truly better suited as a central midfielder or should he continue to work his magic from the right-back position? Throughout our investigation, we’ve pored over the statistics, considered the tactical nuances, and debated the potential impact on Liverpool’s overall gameplay.

While there’s no definitive answer that applies universally, one thing remains evident: Trent Alexander-Arnold is a force to be reckoned with, irrespective of his position on the field. His vision, creativity, and attacking prowess continue to make him a fantasy football favorite, capable of delivering valuable points week in and week out.

As FPL managers, the decision ultimately lies in understanding the tactical shifts employed by Liverpool’s management and the potential impact on his fantasy output. Whether he lines up as a 6 or a right-back, it’s clear that Alexander-Arnold will continue to be a pivotal asset in any FPL squad.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into the world of FPL and the exciting debates it brings. Stay tuned for more engaging analyses and insights, as we unravel the mysteries of fantasy football and strive to build winning teams. Until next time, happy managing!



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