When Is The FPL Deadline?

The next deadline for Fantasy Premier League (FPL) – Friday, 18th August 18:15pm

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a captivating online game that allows football enthusiasts to create their own dream teams by selecting real-life Premier League players. The game adds an extra layer of excitement to the Premier League season, making every match more engaging as players track the performance of their chosen FPL squad. To make the FPL experience more enjoyable, it’s crucial to be aware of the various deadlines associated with team selection, transfers, and other important aspects of the game.

The FPL season is divided into a series of gameweeks, typically corresponding to each round of Premier League matches. Each gameweek has a specific deadline by which FPL managers must finalise their team selections, transfers, and captain/vice-captain choices. Gameweek deadlines are typically set just before the start of the first fixture of the gameweek, ensuring that all changes are locked in before any matches kick off.

As of the last available update in September 2021, the regular deadline for making changes to your FPL team is usually one hour before the scheduled kick-off time of the first match of the gameweek. For instance, if the first match of the gameweek is scheduled to begin at 12:30 PM (GMT), the FPL deadline for that gameweek would be 11:30 AM (GMT) on that same day. It’s important to note that this deadline can vary slightly based on fixture scheduling changes, so staying up-to-date with announcements from the FPL platform is essential.

There are instances when FPL deadlines may differ from the regular one-hour-before-kick-off rule. These exceptions usually occur when there is a midweek set of fixtures, where gameweeks might be compressed due to cup competitions or other scheduling conflicts. In such cases, deadlines may be set earlier than usual to ensure FPL managers have sufficient time to make their selections.

Throughout the FPL season, there are also special scenarios known as “double gameweeks,” where certain teams play twice within a single gameweek due to fixture rescheduling. This presents a unique opportunity for FPL managers to use their “chips,” such as the Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips, strategically to maximize points. Being aware of double gameweeks and understanding when to use these chips can significantly impact your FPL ranking.