How Important Is Team Value In Fantasy Premier League?

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September 08, 2023

How Important Is Team Value In Fantasy Premier League?

In the captivating world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), where armchair managers transform into strategic masterminds, every decision holds significance. One key element that often separates the elite from the rest is understanding and managing team value. While player selection, formations, and captaincy choices are integral, team value is a fundamental aspect that can greatly impact your FPL success. This article delves into why team value is so important in FPL and how it can shape your season.

Understanding Team Value

Team value, often referred to as TV, is the cumulative price of all the players in your FPL squad. Each player’s value can increase or decrease based on their performance in real-life matches. When you buy players early at lower prices and they subsequently perform well, their value rises, allowing you to earn a profit when you decide to sell them.

Dominic Solanke

Importance of Team Value

Player Upgrades:

Building a strong FPL squad with premium players can be expensive. A higher team value empowers you to afford these premium assets without compromising on the rest of your team’s quality. It provides you with the financial flexibility to transfer in top-performing players when needed.

Formation Changes:

As the FPL season unfolds, the optimal formation and players may change due to injuries, suspensions, or a shift in team tactics. Having a solid team value gives you the freedom to change formations without struggling to afford the necessary transfers.

Double Gameweeks and Blanks:

Throughout the season, certain gameweeks feature more than one match for certain teams (double gameweeks), while others might have fewer or no matches (blanks). Team value assists in optimising your squad for these gameweeks, ensuring you have enough players to maximise points.

Capturing Price Rises:

Identifying promising players early and purchasing them at lower prices is a shrewd strategy. As their performances garner attention, their value increases, enabling you to make a profit if you decide to transfer them out.

Wildcards and Bench Boosts:

Using your chips effectively can make a significant impact on your overall rank. A higher team value can help you maximize the potential of your Bench Boost chip by having strong substitutes ready to contribute points.

Darwin Nunez for Liverpool

Tips for Building Team Value

Early-Season Bargains: Identify players who are likely to outperform their initial price tags. These early-season bargains can increase in value rapidly if they perform well.

Monitor Price Changes:

Stay updated with player price changes through FPL platforms and websites. This will help you identify trends and make timely decisions.

Balance Between Value and Performance:

While it’s tempting to chase price rises, remember that player performance is the primary factor. Avoid holding onto underperforming players solely for price changes.

Fixture Analysis:

Evaluate upcoming fixtures to make informed decisions. Players from teams with favourable fixtures might perform well, leading to price rises.

Use the Wildcard Wisely:

The first wildcard can be a game-changer. Use it strategically to reshape your team without worrying about the financial impact.

When Should You Use Your Wildcard 1 In FPL?

In the dynamic realm of Fantasy Premier League, value is not just a number; it’s a tool that empowers managers to create successful squads. The ability to make crucial transfers, navigate double gameweeks and blanks, and optimise chip usage hinges on a well-managed team value. While it’s one piece of the puzzle, its influence is far-reaching, often determining the difference between FPL glory and mediocrity. So, as you assemble your squad and make transfers, remember the integral role that plays in your pursuit of FPL excellence.



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