Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a popular online fantasy football game where participants create virtual teams consisting of real-life Premier League players. To help you navigate the world of FPL, here’s a glossary of key terms and phrases commonly used in the game:

  1. Team Selection:
    • Squad: The group of players you select for your FPL team.
    • Starting XI: The eleven players from your squad who earn points for each Gameweek.
    • Substitutes (or Bench): The players who don’t start but can replace underperforming or injured players in your Starting XI.
  2. Gameweek:
    • Gameweek: A specific round of Premier League matches in which FPL points are awarded.
    • Deadline: The date and time by which you must finalize your team for each Gameweek.
  3. Transfers and Chips:
    • Transfers: The process of replacing one or more players in your squad with others.
    • Free Transfer: Each Gameweek, you can make one free transfer without penalty.
    • Wildcard: A special chip that allows unlimited transfers for one Gameweek.
    • Bench Boost: A chip that doubles the points earned by all your substitutes for a single Gameweek.
    • Triple Captain: A chip that triples the points earned by your chosen captain for a single Gameweek.
    • Free Hit: A chip that allows you to make unlimited transfers for a single Gameweek, after which your original squad is restored.
  4. Player Performance:
    • Points: The numerical values assigned to players based on their performance.
    • Clean Sheet: When a team does not concede any goals during a match.
    • Goals Scored: The number of goals a player scores during a match.
    • Assists: The number of times a player sets up a goal for a teammate.
    • Bonus Points: Additional points awarded to the top-performing players in each match.
  5. Player Positions:
    • Forward (FWD): The position given to players who primarily play as strikers or center-forwards.
    • Midfielder (MID): Players who operate in the midfield area of the pitch.
    • Defender (DEF): Players positioned primarily in the defensive line.
    • Goalkeeper (GK): The player who guards the goal and tries to prevent goals from being scored.
  6. Price and Value:
    • Player Price: The cost of a player at the start of the season or after price changes based on performance.
    • Team Value: The total value of your squad, including the initial price and any price changes.
  7. Fixtures and Form:
    • Fixture: A specific match between two teams.
    • Home Fixture: A match played at a team’s home stadium.
    • Away Fixture: A match played at the opponent’s stadium.
    • Form: The recent performance level of a player or team.
  8. Captain and Vice-Captain:
    • Captain: The player in your Starting XI whose points are doubled for the Gameweek.
    • Vice-Captain: The player whose points are doubled if your Captain doesn’t play.
  9. Leagues and Mini-Leagues:
    • Overall League: The combined league ranking of all FPL participants.
    • Mini-League: A private league created by users to compete against friends or colleagues.
  10. Price Changes:
    • Price Rise: When a player’s value increases due to high demand from FPL managers.
    • Price Fall: When a player’s value decreases due to low demand or poor performance.
  11. FPL Cup: A knockout-style tournament where FPL managers compete against each other based on their overall rank. The cup is played over several Gameweeks, with winners advancing to the next round.
  12. Chips Usage:
    • Bench Boost: Activating the Bench Boost chip allows you to maximize the points earned by your substitutes for a specific Gameweek.
    • Triple Captain: Using the Triple Captain chip triples the points earned by the player you choose as your captain for a particular Gameweek.
    • Free Hit: By playing the Free Hit chip, you can make unlimited transfers for a single Gameweek without any consequences.
  13. Price Change Threshold: The price of a player may increase or decrease based on their popularity among FPL managers. Price changes occur when a player’s ownership reaches a specific threshold, usually 100,000 transfers in or out.
  14. Wildcard Usage:
    • First Wildcard: Each season, managers are granted two Wildcards. The first Wildcard can be used anytime before the Gameweek deadline and allows unlimited transfers without incurring points deductions.
    • Second Wildcard: The second Wildcard becomes available during the January transfer window and follows the same rules as the first Wildcard.
  15. Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR): A system that rates the difficulty of upcoming fixtures for each Premier League team. It helps managers assess which teams have easier or tougher matches, influencing their player selections and transfers.
  16. FPL Scout: An official feature on the Fantasy Premier League website that provides statistics, analysis, tips, and expert advice to help managers make informed decisions.
  17. Captaincy Fallback: In the event that your selected Captain doesn’t play, the Vice-Captain’s points will be doubled instead. It’s important to assign a Vice-Captain as a fallback option.
  18. Autosubs: When one or more of your Starting XI players doesn’t play a single minute in a Gameweek, the highest-scoring benched player will automatically replace them, earning you their points.
  19. Transfers In/Out: Refers to the number of FPL managers who bring in or transfer out a particular player for a specific Gameweek. This data can influence price changes.

Remember, this glossary provides a basic understanding of FPL terms and concepts. Exploring the official Fantasy Premier League website and community forums