What Does A Vice Captain Do In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?

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October 05, 2023

What Does A Vice Captain Do In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is not just a game; it’s a passion for football enthusiasts worldwide. In FPL, managers select a squad of real-life Premier League players and earn points based on their performance in actual matches. One crucial decision every FPL manager must make each gameweek is choosing a captain. However, there’s a lesser-known role in FPL that can be just as vital—the Vice Captain. In this blog, we’ll explore the responsibilities and significance of the VC in FPL.

Understanding the Captaincy in FPL

Before diving into the role of the Vice Captain, let’s first understand the captaincy itself. In FPL, managers select one player from their squad to be the captain for each gameweek. The captain earns double points, making this decision pivotal to a manager’s weekly score. However, there’s a catch—what if the chosen captain doesn’t play or performs poorly? This is where the VC steps in.

The Vice Captain’s Primary Role

The Vice Captain serves as a backup captain. If your chosen captain doesn’t play during a gameweek or scores poorly, then your VC automatically takes over the armband, earning double points for that gameweek. This safety net can significantly impact your FPL performance, especially when unexpected events, like injuries or suspensions, affect your initial captain choice.

Choosing the Right Vice Captain

Selecting the right Vice Captain is as crucial as picking the primary captain. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Fixtures: Look at the fixtures of your potential Vice Captain choices. A player facing a weaker opponent might be a safer bet as they have a higher chance of delivering points.
  2. Form and Consistency: Analyse the recent form and consistency of the players you’re considering. Players who have been consistently performing well are more reliable choices.
  3. Rotation Risk: Be aware of rotation risk, especially with players who are part of larger squads. A Vice Captain who is likely to start is a more secure option.
  4. Injuries and Suspensions: Keep an eye on injury and suspension news. You don’t want them to be unavailable when needed.
  5. Team Strategy: Consider your overall team strategy. If you’ve loaded up on attacking players, it might be wise to choose from your defence to diversify your potential sources of points.

The Differential Vice Captain

In FPL, managers often look for differential picks—players who are not highly owned by other managers but have the potential for big returns. The Vice Captain can be an excellent opportunity to gain an advantage over your rivals. Selecting a VC who is different from the popular choices can pay off handsomely if they perform well.

Example: If most managers are captaining a star striker like Erling Haaland, consider making a midfielder or defender your VC to differentiate your strategy. If your pick delivers, you’ll leap ahead in the rankings.

Strategic Use of the Vice Captain

The Vice Captain isn’t just a safety net; it can also be a strategic tool. Some managers use this to take calculated risks. For example:

  1. Double Gameweeks: When a team has two matches in a single gameweek, you might consider using your Vice Captain on a player from that team. With two opportunities to score points, the potential rewards are higher.
  2. Fixture Swing: Keep an eye on fixture swings—when a team’s schedule becomes easier or harder. You can use your Vice Captain to capitalise on favourable fixtures or avoid tough ones.
  3. Bench Boost and Free Hit Chips: During certain gameweeks when you use chips like Bench Boost or Free Hit, your Vice Captain can become even more crucial. Make sure to select a reliable Vice Captain when using these chips to maximise your points.


In Fantasy Premier League, it is not just a backup but a strategic asset. Choosing correctly can save your gameweek and even help you climb the ranks. Consider factors like fixtures, form, and rotation risk when making this decision. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks and differentiate your strategy to gain an edge over your FPL rivals. With the right VC, you can turn an average gameweek into an extraordinary one, making all the difference in your pursuit of FPL glory.



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