Is Pedro Neto Injured? – An Update On His Fitness

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October 30, 2023

Is Pedro Neto Injured? – An Update On His Fitness

Wolverhampton Wanderers’ in-form midfielder, Pedro Neto, had been setting the pitch on fire until a fateful moment in the 75th minute of a thrilling 2-2 draw in the West Midlands. As he hit the deck, clutching his hamstring, the collective gasp from Wolves fans could be heard throughout the stadium. The sight of their star player receiving physio treatment and leaving the field on a stretcher left everyone with a sinking feeling.

Is Pedro Neto Injured For A Long Time?

The immediate concern was the nature of the injury – a hamstring issue. Such injuries have a notorious reputation for causing extended spells on the sidelines. However, Wolves’ assistant manager, Gary O’Neil, offered a glimmer of hope in his post-match comments, suggesting that the situation might not be as dire as feared.

“He felt his hamstring, and he’s moving around a little bit in there. As we all know, there are different levels of hamstring [injury], and we won’t know the severity of it until the next few days. We’re all hopeful that we don’t miss him for very long.” – Gary O’Neil on Pedro Neto

O’Neil pointed to Joe Hodge’s case earlier in the campaign as a positive example. Hodge had been sidelined for approximately a month due to a hamstring injury, and Neto might follow a similar timeline. The optimism in O’Neil’s words was a ray of hope for fans and fantasy football managers who had invested in the Portuguese maestro.

Before his untimely exit, Pedro Neto had been in sensational form, delivering his eighth assist of the 2023/24 season. It came in the 36th minute when his expertly taken corner found the head of Mario Lemina (£4.9m), who duly converted it into a goal. Neto’s contribution to the team had been invaluable, and his assists had been a consistent source of fantasy points.

One of Neto’s defining qualities had been his ability to pose a constant threat on the break. In the moments leading up to his injury, he had been on the cusp of adding another dimension to his season with a goal. Unfortunately, it was precisely at that moment when his hamstring betrayed him, potentially leaving a lucrative haul unrealised at Molineux.

What Does This Mean For FPL Managers?

The uncertainty around Neto’s injury and how it would impact his playing time in the coming Gameweeks hung like a cloud over Wolves’ prospects. Fantasy managers who had relied on his performances were left in a state of suspense, waiting for updates on his condition.

The world of football, with its twists and turns, constantly reminds us of the fragility of an athlete’s career. Pedro Neto’s hamstring injury serves as a stark reminder of how quickly fortunes can change in the beautiful game. As Wolves await the assessment of their star player, the hope remains that his absence will be short-lived, and he can soon return to lighting up the pitch with his brilliance. Until then, Wolves fans and fantasy football managers must wait with bated breath, hoping for positive news about their midfield dynamo.



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