Could Carlton Morris Be A Good Long Term Option In Fantasy Premier League?

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October 06, 2023

Could Carlton Morris Be A Good Long Term Option In Fantasy Premier League?

If you’re an avid Fantasy Premier League (FPL) manager, you’re always on the lookout for that hidden gem – a player who offers great value and can boost your team’s performance without breaking the bank. One such player who has been catching the attention of FPL managers recently is Carlton Morris of Luton Town. In this blog, we’ll explore whether he could be a good long-term option for your FPL team.

1. Luton’s Main Man and Penalty Taker

Carlton Morris has quickly established himself as Luton Town’s main man in the attack. He’s not just a regular starter; he’s almost a guarantee to be in the lineup when he’s fit. This level of consistency is gold in FPL, as it ensures you won’t be left with a non-playing asset week after week.

What makes Morris even more appealing is his role as Luton’s penalty taker. In FPL, having a player who takes penalties can be a game-changer. It provides an additional avenue for points, especially in tight matches or when facing strong defensive teams.

2. Affordable Price Tag and Impressive Stats

At just £5.6 million in the game, Carlton Morris is one of the cheapest striking options who consistently gets game time. This low price allows you to free up funds for premium players in other positions, such as midfielders or defenders.

But what truly sets Morris apart is his underlying statistics. Despite playing for Luton, a team considered one of the weakest in the Premier League, he has an impressive expected goals (xG) rate of 0.47 per 90 minutes. This statistic showcases his ability to get into goal-scoring positions and suggests that he’s been unfortunate not to score more goals.

Additionally, when you look at the total xG rankings for forwards in the Premier League, Carlton Morris surprises many by being the 6th highest. This puts him ahead of more popular assets like Ollie Watkins, Darwin Nunez, and Julian Alvarez. It’s a testament to his goal-scoring potential and the opportunities he’s creating for himself.

Upcoming Fixtures

To make an informed decision in FPL, it’s crucial to consider a player’s upcoming fixtures. Let’s take a look at Morris’s next few matches:

  • Sat 7 Oct: Spurs (Home)
  • Sat 21 Oct: Nott’m Forest (Away)
  • Sun 29 Oct: Aston Villa (Away)
  • Sun 5 Nov: Liverpool (Home)
  • Sat 11 Nov: Man Utd (Away)
  • Sat 25 Nov: Crystal Palace (Home)
  • Sat 2 Dec: Brentford (Away)

While some of these fixtures may seem daunting, it’s worth noting that Morris has already proven himself as a reliable goal-scorer against tough opponents. With his ability to find the back of the net and his penalty duties, he could be a differential pick for these fixtures, potentially earning you valuable FPL points.


Carlton Morris’s combination of being Luton’s main man, the penalty taker, an affordable price tag, and impressive underlying statistics make him a compelling FPL option. While he might not be a household name like some of the more expensive forwards, his potential to outperform his price and deliver consistent returns shouldn’t be underestimated.

Of course, FPL is always a game of risk and reward, and no player is guaranteed to succeed. However, if you’re looking for a differential forward who won’t cost you a fortune and has the potential to surprise, Carlton Morris could be the hidden gem you’ve been searching for. Keep an eye on his performances in the coming weeks, and don’t be surprised if he becomes a popular pick among FPL managers looking for an edge in their fantasy teams.



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