Nicolas Jackson – Should He Stay Or Should He Go In FPL?

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September 06, 2023

Nicolas Jackson – Should He Stay Or Should He Go In FPL?

Nicolas Jackson’s Fantasy Premier League (FPL) journey this season has been a rollercoaster ride, leaving FPL managers with a dilemma. In the first four Gameweeks, he has managed to score just 10 points, with three of those Gameweeks resulting in frustrating 1-point returns. Additionally, the yellow cards piling up, putting him just two away from suspension, add to the concerns. But is it time to hit the panic button and transfer him out, or does Nicolas Jackson deserve more patience from FPL managers?

Let’s delve into the stats and fixtures to make a more informed decision.

Nicolas Jackson – Underlying Numbers:

Nicolas Jackson’s underlying statistics tell a different story from his FPL point returns. He boasts an impressive 0.91 Expected Goal Involvement (XGI) per 90 minutes, which suggests that he’s consistently involved in his team’s attacking plays. Over the first four Gameweeks, he has accumulated a total XGI of 3.61, which is significantly higher than his actual points tally.

These numbers indicate that Nicolas Jackson has been somewhat unfortunate in front of goal and hasn’t received the points his underlying performance deserves. This might be due to missed opportunities, the opposing goalkeeper’s exceptional saves, or just plain bad luck. In FPL, it’s essential to consider both short-term results and long-term potential, and these stats suggest that he might be on the cusp of a breakthrough.

Fixture Analysis:

The upcoming fixtures play a pivotal role in FPL decisions, and Nicolas Jackson’s schedule over the next four Gameweeks seems promising:

Bournemouth (A) – Gameweek 5:

Bournemouth’s defence has shown vulnerability this season, making this fixture an attractive one for FPL managers. Jackson could capitalise on their defensive frailties and contribute to a goal or assist.

Aston Villa (H) – Gameweek 6:

Playing at home, Jackson will have the chance to exploit Aston Villa‘s defensive weaknesses. Villa can be unpredictable, and there’s potential for goals in this match.

Fulham (A) – Gameweek 7:

Fulham’s defence has struggled in recent times, and this away fixture offers another opportunity for Jackson to shine. Given his XGI stats, he might be due for some FPL points.

Burnley (A) – Gameweek 8:

Burnley is known for its resilient defence, but they’ve had their struggles as well. Jackson’s involvement in attack could be crucial in breaking down their defence.

Considering these favourable fixtures, Nicolas Jackson has a great chance to improve his FPL returns over the next few Gameweeks. However, there’s another aspect that managers must consider.

Discipline Concerns:

Nicolas Jackson’s three yellow cards in the first four games raise concerns about his discipline. Accumulating two more yellow cards would result in a suspension for one game. FPL managers need to weigh the potential points he could earn against the risk of him missing a game due to suspension.

To mitigate this risk, managers can keep a close eye on his playing style. If he continues to receive yellow cards at a high rate, it might be wise to transfer him out before he incurs a suspension. Alternatively, having a strong bench with reliable substitutes can also help manage this risk.

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In FPL, making transfer decisions requires a blend of analysing statistics, fixtures, and an element of gut feeling. Nicolas Jackson, despite his slow start in terms of FPL points, offers a compelling case to stay in your team.

His impressive underlying statistics, with an XGI of 0.91 per 90 and 3.61 XGI over the first four Gameweeks, suggest that he is due for an uptick in FPL returns. Additionally, the upcoming favourable fixtures offer him a platform to showcase his attacking prowess.

However, FPL managers must be cautious of his disciplinary record. The three yellow cards he’s already accumulated put him at risk of suspension, which could hinder his potential. Therefore, a watchful eye on his performances and, if necessary, a well-timed transfer out might be the best strategy.

In conclusion, Nicolas Jackson’s FPL journey is at a crossroads, and the decision to keep or transfer him out ultimately rests on your risk tolerance and belief in his ability to convert his underlying stats into FPL points. The next few Gameweeks could prove pivotal, so stay vigilant, and may your FPL decisions be fruitful.



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