Is Chelsea’s Nicolas Jackson Suspended For Gameweek 7?

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September 26, 2023

Is Chelsea’s Nicolas Jackson Suspended For Gameweek 7?

In the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), the fortunes of players can change rapidly. One moment, you’re banking on a player to be your star performer, and the next, they might be suspended for a crucial gameweek. Chelsea’s Nicolas Jackson is one such player who finds himself in this predicament, as he faces a suspension for Gameweek 7 after accumulating 5 yellow cards in just 6 gameweeks. In addition to his on-field struggles, Jackson has managed to score only 12 FPL points so far this season. Let’s delve into the details of his suspension and his performance in the FPL.

Nicolas Jackson’s Suspension

Nicolas Jackson, a talented midfielder for Chelsea, has been a key figure in their squad. However, his aggressive playing style has seen him receive a series of yellow cards in the early part of the season. The accumulation of 5 yellow cards in just 6 gameweeks means he has now reached the threshold for a one-game suspension in the Premier League.

Jackson’s yellow cards have been the result of his physical approach to the game, often putting in hard tackles and battling in midfield. While this aggression can be an asset, it has also proven to be a liability, leading to his suspension for Gameweek 7.

FPL Struggles

While Nicolas Jackson’s suspension is a blow for Chelsea, it’s also been a disappointment for FPL managers who had high hopes for him. His performance in the FPL this season has not lived up to expectations, with just 12 points to his name after 6 gameweeks.

Many FPL managers had invested in Jackson, expecting him to be a valuable source of points, both through goals and assists. However, his contributions in front of goal have been limited, and he has struggled to provide the kind of returns that FPL managers crave. Especially when he’s being outscored by many of the key FPL differentials this season.

What Does the Future Hold?

As FPL managers contemplate whether to keep or transfer out Nicolas Jackson, it’s essential to consider the future prospects of the Chelsea forward. His suspension for Gameweek 7 is a temporary setback, but he will be available for selection in subsequent gameweeks.

Jackson has the talent and potential to bounce back from this suspension and become a valuable asset in the FPL once again. Chelsea’s fixtures in the upcoming gameweeks could provide him with opportunities to make an impact and regain the trust of FPL managers.


Nicolas Jackson’s suspension for Gameweek 7 serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of the FPL and the challenges that managers face in building and maintaining successful teams. While his yellow card accumulation and suspension are concerning, it’s crucial for FPL managers to make informed decisions about his future in their squads.

As the season progresses, Jackson has the chance to redeem himself and become a valuable FPL asset once more. Whether he can overcome his disciplinary issues and improve his FPL point tally remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: the world of FPL is always full of surprises, and managers must adapt and strategise accordingly.



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