How Do Midfielders Score Points In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?

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September 09, 2023

How Do Midfielders Score Points In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a game that allows football enthusiasts to live out their managerial dreams by selecting a squad of real-life players and competing against others based on their on-field performances. One crucial aspect of FPL is understanding how players in different positions score points. In this blog, we’ll focus on midfielders and how they can be your point-scoring gems in the game.

Goals and Assists (The Basics):

The most straightforward way for midfielders to accumulate FPL points is by scoring goals and providing assists. Each goal they score is worth 5 points, while each assist yields 3 points. This basic scoring system encourages FPL managers to select midfielders who are actively involved in their team’s attacking play.

Midfielders who play as attacking midfielders or have a tendency to join the attack frequently are often excellent choices. They have a higher chance of being directly involved in goals and assists.

Clean Sheets (A Defensive Bonus):

While clean sheets are primarily associated with defenders and goalkeepers, midfielders can also earn points for their team’s defensive performance. If a midfielder plays at least 60 minutes and his team keeps a clean sheet, he earns 1 point. This may not seem like much, but those points can add up over the course of the season, especially for consistent performers in top defensive teams.

Bonus Points (The Unsung Heroes):

One unique feature of FPL is the bonus points system. After each match, bonus points are awarded to the top-performing players based on their contributions to the game. Midfielders often benefit from this system, as it takes into account a wide range of statistics beyond just goals and assists.

Key actions like successful passes, tackles, interceptions, and dribbles completed can earn midfielders bonus points. This makes it important to pick midfielders who are not only involved in attacking plays but also contribute defensively and in terms of overall game control.

Shots on Target and Bonus Points:

Shots on target (SoT) is another statistic that can boost a midfielder’s FPL score. While not as valuable as goals, each SoT is worth points in the bonus point system. Midfielders who are known for taking long-range shots or making late runs into the box can benefit from this scoring system.

Playing Time and Consistency:

A crucial factor to consider when selecting midfielders is their playing time. FPL rewards players who complete 60 minutes or more on the pitch with an additional 2 points. It’s essential to choose midfielders who are regular starters for their respective teams to maximise your point potential.

Consistency is key in FPL. Players who consistently contribute points through goals, assists, clean sheets, and bonus points are invaluable. It’s worth researching a midfielder’s history of point-scoring in previous seasons to assess their reliability.

Phil Foden

Set Pieces and Dead-Ball Specialists:

Midfielders who take set pieces, such as free kicks and corners, can be particularly valuable in FPL. These situations often lead to goal-scoring opportunities or assists. Identifying midfielders who are designated set-piece takers for their teams can provide you with an edge in the game.

Fixture Analysis and Captaining Midfielders:

Understanding a team’s upcoming fixtures is crucial in FPL. Midfielders can be excellent captaincy choices, as they have the potential to accumulate points from various sources. When selecting your captain, consider the fixtures, form, and the player’s overall contribution to the team.

Different Types of Midfielders:

It’s important to recognise that not all midfielders are the same in FPL. There are different types of midfielders, each with its own strengths:

  • Attacking Midfielders: These players are known for their goal-scoring and assist-making abilities. They are often the top point-scorers among midfielders.
  • Defensive Midfielders: While they may not score as many goals or assists, defensive midfielders can earn points through clean sheets, interceptions, and tackles.
  • Box-to-Box Midfielders: These midfielders are versatile and contribute both defensively and offensively. They have a well-rounded potential for points.
  • Wingers: Wingers often provide assists through crosses and dribbles, making them valuable assets in FPL.
  • Playmakers: Creative midfielders who excel in providing assists through passes and key through-balls.

Midfielders are essential in Fantasy Premier League, and understanding how they score points can significantly impact your team’s success. Look for midfielders who contribute not only offensively but also defensively and in other areas that earn bonus points. Consider their playing time, set-piece responsibilities, and fixture schedules to make informed selections. With the right midfielders in your squad, you can outscore your FPL rivals and climb up the rankings. Good luck managing your team! Thank you for reading How Do Midfielders Score Points In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?



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