How Do Forwards/Strikers Score Points In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?

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September 10, 2023

How Do Forwards/Strikers Score Points In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)?

In the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), forwards or strikers are often the stars of the show. These are the players who you expect to bag the goals, secure those all-important points, and help you rise up the rankings. Understanding how forwards score points in FPL is key to assembling a winning team. In this blog, we’ll delve into the various ways forwards accumulate points in the game.

Goals, Goals, Goals:

The primary objective of any forward is to score goals, and in FPL, this is where they shine the most. Each goal netted by your selected striker is worth a substantial 4 points. It’s important to choose forwards who are prolific goal-scorers, as they can be the backbone of your FPL team’s success.

Assists for Forwards:

While forwards are primarily known for their goal-scoring prowess, they can also earn points by providing assists. For each assist registered by a forward, they earn 3 points. This means that forwards who not only score but also have the ability to set up their teammates for goals can be incredibly valuable in FPL.

Bonus Points System:

One of the unique features of FPL is the bonus points system. After each match, bonus points are awarded to the top-performing players based on their contributions to the game. Forwards can earn bonus points by not only scoring goals but also by being involved in other aspects of play, such as holding up the ball, creating chances, and making key passes.

Playing Time and Consistency:

To maximise the points potential of your forwards, it’s essential to choose players who are regular starters for their respective teams. FPL rewards players who complete 60 minutes or more on the pitch with an additional 2 points. This means that forwards who consistently feature in their team’s starting lineup have a higher chance of accumulating points.

Consistency is key in FPL. You want forwards who can consistently contribute points through goals, assists, clean sheets, and bonus points. Researching a forward’s history of point-scoring in previous seasons can help you identify reliable performers.

Fixture Analysis:

Understanding a team’s upcoming fixtures is crucial when selecting forwards. Some forwards may perform exceptionally well against weaker opposition but struggle against tougher defences. Consider the fixtures, form, and the player’s overall contribution to the team before making your selection.

Different Types of Forwards:

Not all forwards are the same in FPL, and understanding their playing style can help you make informed choices:

Target Men:

These forwards are typically tall and physical, and they excel at winning aerial duels and holding up the ball for their teammates. They often score goals from crosses and set pieces.


Poachers have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. They thrive on quick reactions and have a high goal conversion rate.

Complete Forwards:

These forwards are versatile and can score goals in various ways, from long-range strikes to headers and tap-ins. They also provide assists and contribute to build-up play.

False Nines:

False nines are known for their ability to drop deep and link up play. They often create goal-scoring opportunities for their teammates and may not be the primary goal-scorers themselves.

Captaining Forwards:

Choosing the right captain is a crucial decision in FPL, and forwards are often popular captain choices due to their goal-scoring potential. When selecting your captain, consider the fixtures, form, and the player’s overall contribution to the team. Captaining a forward who is in top form and facing a weaker opponent can lead to a significant points boost for your team.

Transfers and Form:

Player form can fluctuate during the season, and it’s important to monitor your forwards’ performances. Don’t hesitate to make transfers to bring in in-form forwards or remove underperforming ones. Keep an eye on injuries, suspensions, and fixture schedules to make informed transfer decisions.

In conclusion, forwards are the goal-scoring machines of your FPL team. They earn points primarily through goals and assists but can also benefit from clean sheets, bonus points, and shots on target. Choosing the right forwards and understanding their playing style can greatly impact your FPL success. Consider factors such as playing time, consistency, fixtures, and form when selecting and captaining forwards. With the right forwards in your squad, you’ll be well on your way to FPL glory. Good luck managing your team!



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