Best FPL Resources & Tools For Fantasy Premier League Team Management

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September 27, 2023

Best FPL Resources & Tools For Fantasy Premier League Team Management

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a beloved pastime for football enthusiasts around the world. Managing your FPL team effectively requires more than just picking your favorite players; it involves research, statistics, and a good understanding of the game. To excel in FPL, you need access to the best resources available. In this blog, we will explore some of the top FPL resources for team management, helping you make informed decisions and rise up the ranks in your fantasy league.

Official FPL Website

The first stop for any FPL manager should be the official Fantasy Premier League website. It provides all the essential tools and information you need to manage your team. You can pick your initial squad, make transfers, and view player statistics. The official site also offers valuable articles and tips to help you make informed decisions.

FPL Statistics Websites

Several dedicated websites provide detailed statistics and analysis for FPL managers. One such site is Fantasy Football Scout. It offers player data, injury news, and insightful articles. You can also find an active community where managers discuss strategies and share tips.

Fantasy Football Podcasts

Listening to FPL podcasts can be a great way to stay updated with the latest news and strategies. The FPL Show, The Official Fantasy Premier League Podcast, and Planet FPL are just a few examples. These podcasts often feature experienced FPL managers who share their insights and tips.

FPL Blogs and Articles

Many FPL enthusiasts run blogs or write articles that offer valuable insights into player performance, team strategies, and captaincy choices. These independent sources can provide unique perspectives and differentiating strategies. Make sure to follow some of your favorite FPL bloggers for regular updates.

Twitter FPL Community

Twitter has a vibrant FPL community. You can follow accounts like @OfficialFPL, @FPLHints, and @FPLGeneral for regular updates and tips. Additionally, searching for FPL-related hashtags can lead you to a treasure trove of advice and discussions.

FPL Mobile Apps

There are several mobile apps designed specifically for FPL management. These apps offer features like live score updates, player statistics, and squad management on the go. Some popular ones include FPL Companion and Fantasy Football Manager.

Reddit’s r/FantasyPL

Reddit hosts a dedicated community of FPL managers on the subreddit r/FantasyPL. Here, you can participate in discussions, seek advice, and stay informed about the latest FPL news. It’s a great platform to connect with fellow managers and share your experiences.

Fixture Difficulty Rating (FDR) Websites

Understanding the difficulty of upcoming fixtures is crucial for FPL success. FDR websites like Fantasy Football Fix and Fantasy Premier League Tips provide easy-to-read charts and analysis to help you plan your transfers and captaincy choices.

Player Price Change Trackers

Player prices in FPL fluctuate throughout the season based on their performance and popularity. Websites like FPL Statistics and FPL Price Changes provide real-time updates on price changes, helping you make timely transfers to maximise team value.

Injury News Websites

Staying updated on player injuries is vital for making informed transfer decisions. Websites like PhysioRoom and Premier Injuries provide comprehensive injury news and timelines, helping you avoid costly transfers.

Data Analytics Tools

For the more data-driven FPL managers, tools like Fantasy Football Fix and Fantasy Football Geek offer advanced statistics, including expected goals (xG), expected assists (xA), and underlying player stats. These tools can help you identify hidden gems and differential picks.

FPL Transfer Planners

One crucial aspect of successful FPL team management is planning your transfers for the upcoming gameweeks. To do this effectively, you can use various resources, such as fixture analysis tools and expert opinions. Evaluating the fixture schedule is vital, as it helps you identify favourable matchups for your players. You’ll want to bring in players who have a run of easier fixtures and consider selling those with a tough schedule ahead. Expert FPL bloggers and websites often provide detailed analysis of fixture difficulty, making it easier for you to plan your transfers strategically. This foresight in transfer planning can be the difference between a steady rise up the FPL rankings and being left behind. So, don’t overlook this essential aspect of FPL team management as you aim for FPL glory.


In conclusion, excelling in Fantasy Premier League requires access to the right resources and information. Whether you prefer official sources, community-driven platforms, or data analytics tools, there are plenty of options to suit your FPL management style. By leveraging these resources effectively, you can make informed decisions, climb the ranks, and compete with the best in the FPL world. So, gear up, stay informed, and may your FPL team triumph in the season ahead!



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