Avoid These Common Wildcard Mistakes In FPL!

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September 03, 2023

Avoid These Common Wildcard Mistakes In FPL!

In the ever-evolving realm of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), managers are constantly seeking ways to gain an edge over their rivals. Among the most potent tools at their disposal is the wildcard chip – a double-edged sword that can reshape a squad and rejuvenate a season. However, the power of this chip comes with the responsibility of making shrewd decisions. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll dissect some of the most prevalent mistakes FPL managers make when deploying their wildcard and provide valuable insights on how to steer clear of these pitfalls to ensure FPL success.

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Impulsive Rush to Use It:

The wildcard chip is like a silver bullet, capable of remedying even the most dire FPL situations. Yet, yielding to the impulse to use it immediately after a poor Gameweek can be a grave mistake. The excitement to overhaul your team can cloud your judgement. Instead, take a deep breath and objectively assess your team’s condition. Determine whether the issues at hand are isolated incidents or systemic problems requiring a complete makeover.

Ignoring Fixture Swings:

In FPL, the balance between form and fixtures is delicate. While an in-form player can be tempting, overlooking their upcoming fixtures can be detrimental. Prioritise players who have both the form and favourable fixtures. A player may be scoring well now, but if they face a string of tough opponents, their returns could diminish. Strike a balance between current form and future potential.

Neglecting Team Structure:

A common folly is focusing solely on big-name players without considering the balance of your team. Every point-scoring position is crucial, so allocate your budget judiciously across defence, midfield, and attack. A star-studded starting eleven can be futile if it’s backed by a weak bench. A well-rounded team structure ensures you have a buffer against unexpected injuries or suspensions.

Overlooking Bench Strength:

While the starting lineup deserves the lion’s share of your attention, underestimating the bench can be a costly error. Injuries and suspensions are part and parcel of football, and having capable bench players can mitigate the impact of such setbacks. Allocate a reasonable budget to your bench, selecting players who can contribute when called upon.

Short-Term Thinking:

The wildcard’s impact should extend well beyond a single Gameweek. While it’s tempting to load up on players with exceptional form, a sustainable approach is required. Prioritise players who consistently deliver returns over several Gameweeks. Sustainability should be the cornerstone of your wildcard strategy.

Ignoring Team Value:

Player prices are in constant flux in FPL, influenced by performances, injuries, and transfers. Failing to consider player price changes can limit your ability to maximise your team’s value. Seize opportunities to make transfers that enhance team value, providing you with greater financial flexibility in the long run.

Forgetting Chip Strategy:

The wildcard is just one of several chips that can alter the FPL landscape. Neglecting to synchronise its use with other chips like Bench Boost or Triple Captain can lead to missed opportunities for point surges. Develop a chip strategy that capitalises on specific Gameweeks, amplifying your point hauls through strategic deployment.

Excessive Transfers:

The excitement of the wildcard often prompts managers to make numerous transfers in quick succession. While change is essential, too many changes at once can disrupt team cohesion. Gradual changes, executed with careful consideration, can be more effective in maintaining the overall balance and chemistry of your squad.

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Mastering the wildcard chip is a defining factor in FPL success. Avoiding common mistakes requires a combination of patience, foresight, and strategic thinking. Balancing form and fixtures, maintaining a well-structured squad, considering long-term implications, and adhering to a chip strategy are all integral to making the most of your wildcard. As you navigate the dynamic landscape of FPL, remember that every decision counts, and a well-executed wildcard can be the catalyst that propels your team to the top. So, approach the wildcard with a calculated mindset, strategise meticulously, and sidestep these pitfalls to elevate your FPL game to new heights.



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