Will Malo Gusto Get A Run Of Guaranteed Starts For Chelsea?

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August 25, 2023

Will Malo Gusto Get A Run Of Guaranteed Starts For Chelsea?

As the Premier League season continues to unfold, Chelsea fans are closely watching the developments in their squad, particularly in the right-back position. With Reece James sidelined due to injury, all eyes are on Malo Gusto to step up and potentially secure a run of guaranteed starts for the team. While James is expected to be out for a few weeks, Chelsea might not rush his return, offering Gusto an excellent chance to showcase his talent and stake his claim for a regular spot in the starting eleven. In this blog, we’ll explore the possibilities of Malo Gusto’s ascendancy and why he might become an essential player for Chelsea during this crucial phase.

In the dynamic world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), finding hidden gems at a budget-friendly price can often make the difference between a successful season and a mid-table finish. With Reece James’ injury sidelining him for a few weeks, FPL managers have a golden opportunity to capitalize on Malo Gusto’s potential as a £4.0 million option. As he steps into the starting lineup for Chelsea, Gusto not only presents an on-field opportunity but also a chance for FPL enthusiasts to free up valuable funds to strengthen other positions. In this blog, we’ll delve into how Malo Gusto’s FPL inclusion at a budget price could be a game-changer for savvy managers looking to maximise their team’s potential.

Seizing the Opportunity

In the world of football, injuries are an unfortunate but inevitable aspect of the game. However, they often open the door for lesser-known players to make their mark and prove their worth to the team. Malo Gusto finds himself in precisely this situation. With Reece James on the sidelines, Gusto has a golden opportunity to step into the limelight and showcase his skills on the pitch.

Reece James’ absence isn’t expected to be prolonged, but with Chelsea’s demanding fixture list and the club’s propensity to prioritise player recovery and long-term fitness, there’s a legitimate chance that James might not be rushed back into the starting lineup. This scenario sets the stage for Malo Gusto to potentially enjoy a run of guaranteed starts, during which he can establish himself as a reliable and effective right-back option.

A Glimpse into Gusto’s Potential

Malo Gusto might not be a household name yet, but every player starts somewhere. Gusto, a product of Chelsea’s youth academy, has been working tirelessly behind the scenes, honing his skills and waiting for the right moment to make his breakthrough. This could very well be that moment.

Gusto’s style of play aligns with Chelsea’s modern football philosophy, which emphasises versatility, defensive solidity, and active involvement in attack from full-back positions. His pace, defensive awareness, and ability to whip in dangerous crosses make him a suitable candidate to fill in for Reece James. Moreover, Gusto’s integration into the senior squad might not be as disruptive as one might think due to his familiarity with the team’s tactics and playing style from his time in the academy.

The Fixture Advantage

One factor working in Malo Gusto’s favour is Chelsea’s upcoming fixture list. The games against Luton, Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth, Aston Villa, Fulham, and Burnley offer a mix of opponents, some of which are traditionally considered less formidable. This sequence presents a valuable opportunity for Chelsea to secure clean sheets, potentially boosting Gusto’s confidence as he steps into the starting lineup.


While Reece James’ injury might be a setback for Chelsea, it’s also an opportunity for Malo Gusto to shine. A run of guaranteed starts could be on the horizon, allowing Gusto to showcase his potential and prove that he’s ready for top-flight football. As Chelsea fans eagerly await the unfolding of these fixtures, they’ll be watching closely to see if Gusto can grasp the opportunity and become an essential part of the squad. Regardless of the outcome, the experience gained during this period could be invaluable for Gusto’s development as a footballer.



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