Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Transfer Tips – 2023/24

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August 23, 2023

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Transfer Tips – 2023/24

Welcome back, fantasy football enthusiasts, to another thrilling installment of the Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Transfer Tips for the 2023/24 season! The early kick-off of the new campaign has already provided us with a roller-coaster of emotions, as familiar faces have shone while new talents have begun to make their mark on the pitch. As we gear up for Gameweek 3, it’s time to strategise and make those all-important transfer decisions that could shape your team’s destiny. Whether you’re looking to bounce back from a disappointing start or build on an already impressive beginning, we’ve got the insights you need to navigate the complexities of the FPL world. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the action and uncover the key transfer targets for the upcoming gameweek!

Bring In Chelsea Players

With a promising stretch of fixtures on the horizon, fantasy managers should seriously consider adding Chelsea players to their squads. The Blues are gearing up for a run of matches that, on paper, looks nothing short of fantastic. From defensive stability to attacking prowess, there are standout options across the board. Consider the likes of Levi Colwill, a budget-friendly choice at just £4.5 million in defence. His potential for clean sheets coupled with involvement in set pieces could make him a hidden gem. And let’s not overlook Nicolas Jackson, priced at £7.0 million upfront. While Chelsea might have had a shaky start, these upcoming fixtures present an ideal opportunity for them to find their scoring rhythm. It all kicks off with a home fixture against Luton Town on Friday night, and with the attacking talent at Chelsea’s disposal, goals are certainly on the agenda. So, whether you’re looking to bolster your backline or supercharge your attack, Chelsea players could be the key to unlocking FPL success in the weeks to come.

Bruno Fernandes & Marcus Rashford – Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

The start of the season hasn’t been the fairy tale Manchester United fans and fantasy managers were hoping for, especially when it comes to Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford. With lacklustre performances and meagre point returns, the question on everyone’s mind is whether it’s time to part ways with these midfield maestros or give them one last shot at redemption. Over half a million transfers have already been made away from them since Gameweek 2 began, signalling the frustration of countless FPL managers. However, before you hit that transfer button in haste, consider this: Manchester United are about to step onto the Old Trafford pitch to face Nottingham Forest. This could very well be the last chance saloon for Fernandes and Rashford to prove their mettle and showcase their potential for FPL glory. With their undeniable talent and the spark that can ignite at any moment, holding onto them might just pay off, especially against a seemingly favourable opponent. So, as the gameweek unfolds, keep a watchful eye on their performance – they might just remind us all why they were highly sought-after assets in the first place.

Ollie Watkins – Penalties?

The FPL realm is known for its unpredictability, and the recent exodus of around 100k managers transferring out Ollie Watkins underscores the dilemma facing fantasy managers. This shift follows Watkins’ loss of penalty duties to Douglas Luiz, who capitalised on a spot-kick earned by Watkins in Aston Villa‘s commanding 4-0 win over Everton. Priced at £8.0 million, Watkins is a premium asset, yet his penalty setback raises concerns about consistent point accumulation, given the significance of penalties in FPL. As managers stand at the crossroads, the decision looms between retaining Watkins and relying on his open-play contributions, or exploring alternatives with more predictable penalty takers. In a dynamic FPL landscape, strategic choices can be game-changers, making the call between Watkins and potential replacements a defining one this season.

Darwin Nunez: Is It Time to Bid Farewell?

The Premier League is a stage where stars shine bright, and expectations run high. But for Darwin Nunez, the limelight hasn’t quite found him as he might have hoped. Despite the anticipation surrounding his move to the English top flight and the potential he showcased, the reality is that Nunez seems to be struggling to secure a spot in Jurgen Klopp’s best XI. As his minutes dwindle and his contributions remain modest, FPL managers find themselves at a crossroads. With the Uruguayan’s price continuing to drop, the temptation to switch him out becomes more pronounced. The dynamic nature of fantasy football requires managers to be proactive, and while Nunez’s fortunes could change, the risk of persisting with an underperforming asset is undeniable. The question then arises: is it time to cut ties with Nunez and seek greener pastures? The answer lies in the balance between patience and pragmatism, as the FPL landscape evolves with each gameweek.

James Maddison Left On Crutches

Next in our Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Transfer Tips. The early stages of the FPL season have seen James Maddison shine as a beacon of consistency and points potential. His adeptness at orchestrating the midfield and contributing to the attacking flair of Spurs has endeared him to both fans of the Lilywhites and fantasy managers alike. However, the optimism surrounding Maddison’s impressive start took an abrupt turn as he was spotted leaving the pitch on crutches after Tottenham’s recent victory. The sight of a key player departing the field in such a manner inevitably raises concerns, and FPL managers are now keeping a watchful eye on his status ahead of the next gameweek. As we approach the weekend fixtures, the uncertainty surrounding Maddison’s availability looms large. Will he be fit to grace the pitch once more, or will managers have to reshuffle their teams to accommodate his potential absence? In this dynamic world of fantasy football, staying informed is crucial. Maddison’s case teaches us that even the most promising stars can find themselves entangled in the injury web, emphasising the need for managers to have backup plans at the ready. As the weekend approaches, keep your ears tuned and your strategy flexible, for James Maddison’s situation serves as a reminder that in FPL, adaptability is key.


And there you have it, fellow managers – another set of Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Transfer Tips draws to a close. As the footballing drama unfolds week after week, remember that FPL success is a marathon, not a sprint. The decisions you make today can reverberate through the season, so choose wisely and with a keen eye on the long game. Whether you’re climbing the ranks or overcoming setbacks, the beauty of fantasy football lies in its unpredictability and the chance to showcase your managerial prowess. Keep analysing, keep adapting, and keep the passion alive as we embark on this exhilarating journey through the 2023/24 FPL season. Best of luck, and may your transfers be shrewd and your points hauls bountiful!



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