Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Review

Gameweek Reaction

August 30, 2023

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Review

Greetings, enthusiastic Fantasy Premier League managers! It’s time to delve into yet another enthralling edition of our Gameweek 3 review. The Premier League continues to unfold with its trademark excitement, delivering captivating matches, unforeseen twists, and moments of sheer brilliance that have left an indelible mark on our FPL squads. Join us as we dissect the highs, lows, and valuable insights from this action-packed Gameweek.

Manchester United Assets PAY OFF

In the realm of Fantasy Premier League, Gameweek 3 showcased the brilliance of Manchester United assets, reaffirming their potential as vital additions to FPL squads. Bruno Fernandes exhibited his all-round excellence by notching up a goal and an assist, underlining his capacity to amass points through both scoring and creating opportunities. Meanwhile, Marcus Rashford proved his worth by delivering two crucial assists, further solidifying his role as a prime source of attacking output for managers. As the United duo orchestrated their team’s success on the pitch, FPL managers who entrusted them with their faith reaped the rewards of their impactful performances.

Darwin Nunez Stings

In a riveting twist of fate, Darwin Nunez of Liverpool sent shockwaves through the Fantasy Premier League landscape in Gameweek 3. Initially, he found himself among the most transferred-out assets, his lack of starting appearances prompting doubt among FPL managers. However, just when his potential seemed in doubt, Nunez came off the bench, gracing the field for a mere 13 minutes against Newcastle United. In those fleeting moments, he etched his name into FPL history by striking twice, singlehandedly securing victory for his team. This unexpected turn of events served as a potent reminder that in FPL, fortunes can change in an instant, leaving managers both surprised and exhilarated by Nunez’s remarkable impact.

Chelsea Points Haul

As the reverberations of Chelsea’s resounding victory echo through the Fantasy Premier League community, a seismic shift is underway. With Raheem Sterling’s commanding 19-point display, Malo Gusto’s formidable 14-point contribution, and Nicolas Jackson’s solid 7 points, Chelsea’s assets have emerged as irresistible FPL prospects. Their impressive performances, coupled with a favorable string of upcoming fixtures, have ignited a frenzy among FPL managers. Like bees to honey, managers are flocking to acquire Chelsea assets en masse, with transfers in their hundreds of thousands. This fervent wave of investment highlights the collective anticipation for a points bonanza, as Chelsea’s talented roster gears up to dominate the FPL scoreboard.

Will Malo Gusto Get A Run Of Guaranteed Starts For Chelsea?

FPL Goalkeepers… Just Aren’t Good?

The 2023/2024 FPL season has brought about an unexpected quirk that has left many managers scratching their heads: FPL goalkeepers seem to be defying convention. In a twist that defies the norm, goalkeepers across the board are struggling to pull in substantial returns, leaving FPL teams devoid of those crucial clean sheet and save points. The situation has become so paradoxical that even choosing the likes of Jordan Pickford, often considered one of the less favourable options, hasn’t put managers significantly behind those who went for the seemingly premium choices such as Bernd Leno. The unpredictability of this goalkeeper conundrum has added an intriguing layer to FPL strategy, forcing managers to reassess their traditional reliance on keepers and potentially reallocate their investments towards more productive positions.


With the final whistle signalling the end of Gameweek 3 review, we bid farewell to another captivating chapter in the Fantasy Premier League chronicle. The rollercoaster of emotions, from elation to frustration, is what makes FPL such an exhilarating journey. Gameweek 3 graced us with surprises, reminding us of the unpredictable nature of football. As we regroup, recalibrate, and set our sights on the forthcoming Gameweek, remember that every decision, transfer, and point earned contributes to the pursuit of FPL glory. So, whether you’re nursing wounds or basking in the glory of your team’s performance, take a moment to reflect, strategise, and prepare for the challenges and victories that Gameweek 4 is poised to deliver. Until then, dear managers, may your captain’s armband bring luck, and may your transfers prove to be astute.



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