Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Preview 2023/24

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August 24, 2023

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Preview 2023/24

Welcome, football fanatics, to another exciting chapter of our Fantasy Premier League journey! Welcome to FPL Planet’s Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 preview. As the echoes of the roaring crowds and the thunderous cheers of the stadiums reverberate in our hearts, we find ourselves on the cusp of Gameweek 3 in the 2023/24 season. The stage is set, the players are in high gear, and the drama promises to unfold like an epic tale woven by the football gods themselves.

In this edition of our Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Preview, we delve into the realms of anticipation and strategy, analysing the fixtures, the form, and the unforeseen twists that could determine the fate of our fantasy squads. Whether you’re a seasoned manager seeking that elusive edge or a newcomer navigating the intricacies of the virtual football realm, join us as we embark on this captivating expedition through the highs and lows of the upcoming gameweek.

Free Transfers Galore

As the Fantasy Premier League enters Gameweek 3 of the 2023/24 season, managers are finding themselves in a fortuitous position with a pair of free transfers at their disposal. With the opportunity to reshape their squads without incurring any points deductions, FPL enthusiasts are undoubtedly deliberating over the optimal strategy for their teams. As the transfer market continues to churn with potential differentials and standout performers, the decision-making process becomes all the more complex. While the allure of swift changes may be tempting, astute managers are cognisant that the right move is not necessarily any move. Sometimes, it might be more beneficial to exercise patience, carefully assess the evolving landscape of the league, and resist the urge to make changes for the sake of it. By doing so, managers can maintain a steady course, giving themselves the flexibility to react to more pressing concerns in the forthcoming gameweeks. So, as the deadline approaches, the question on every manager’s mind remains: to transfer or not to transfer? The answer may well be found in the wisdom of knowing when to burn a transfer and when to seize an opportunity.

Stick Or Twist On Manchester United?

The early matches of the 2023/24 Premier League season have left Manchester United’s key assets, Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford, struggling to justify their premium price tags in Fantasy Premier League (FPL). This prompts FPL managers to ponder whether it’s time to stick with underperforming players or twist and explore more reliable options. While the allure of immediate points from alternative players is strong, it’s essential to consider the potential for Manchester United’s stars to regain form. This dilemma emphasises the delicate balance between short-term gains and long-term prospects, forcing FPL managers to decide whether to stick or twist as Gameweek 3 unfolds.

Captain Choice

Selecting the optimal captain for the upcoming Fantasy Premier League gameweek poses a captivating challenge. While tempting options like Erling Haaland against Sheffield United, Nicolas Jackson facing Luton, and Arsenal players at home against Fulham emerge as strong contenders, the decision hinges on assessing current form and matchups. The likes of Bruno Fernandes and Marcus Rashford hosting Nottingham Forest warrant attention, while Mo Salah’s consistent excellence is an ever-present choice. Scrutinising recent performances, defensive vulnerabilities, and overall team dynamics is key to making an informed decision that maximises point potential for FPL managers.

Ollie Watkins Hat Trick vs Hibernian

Ollie Watkins made a resounding statement with a hat-trick against Hibernian, hinting at a potential turnaround in form. Aston Villa’s recent match saw Watkins shine as he found the net thrice, underlining his goal-scoring prowess and raising optimism for his performance in the Premier League. This standout display could mark a turning point for Watkins, offering both fans and Fantasy Premier League managers renewed confidence in his ability to convert opportunities and make a substantial impact in the league games ahead.


As the final whistle blows on our Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Preview, we’re left with a blend of excitement and contemplation. The virtual arenas have witnessed astonishing feats, unexpected upsets, and nail-biting encounters that have kept us on the edge of our seats. Our squads have battled valiantly, earning us both cheers of triumph and sighs of frustration.

Remember, fellow managers, this is but one chapter in a season-long odyssey. As we tinker with our lineups, study the statistics, and anticipate the next wave of challenges, let’s not forget that every decision carries the weight of infinite possibilities. This Gameweek 3 preview might be over, but the allure of the Fantasy Premier League is far from fading.

So, until we reconvene for the Gameweek 4 adventure, may your transfers be shrewd, your captaincy choices be inspired, and your tactical prowess be unmatched. As the world of football continues to spin its magical tale, we’ll be right here, ready to decipher its whims and weave our own narratives in the ever-captivating realm of fantasy football.



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