Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 1 Review 2023/24

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August 15, 2023

Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 1 Review 2023/24

The cheers of football fanatics have grown louder as the highly anticipated 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League season kicked off with a burst of excitement and anticipation. Gameweek 1 unveiled a captivating array of performances, surprises, and a few unexpected twists that have left managers around the globe already plotting their next tactical moves. From breakout stars to underwhelming big-name players, the first gameweek had it all. Let’s dive into the whirlwind of events that unfolded and decipher the key takeaways that will shape our strategies in the weeks to come. Enjoy this gameweek 1 review.

Haaland Captain Rules Supreme… Again

In the captivating opening act of Fantasy Premier League’s 2023/24 season, one player emerged as the undeniable captaincy choice, captivating managers worldwide with his electrifying performance. Erling Haaland, the maestro of the forward line, took centre stage against Burnley, delivering a mesmerising display that left fantasy managers in awe. As if scripted by a footballing sorcerer, Haaland unleashed his goal-scoring prowess with not one, but two clinical strikes. His masterclass was further embellished by the invaluable acquisition of three bonus points, sealing his dominance in Gameweek 1. FPL managers who entrusted the armband to the Norwegian sensation were richly rewarded, basking in the glory of his exceptional haul. With a performance that blended finesse, power, and sheer determination, Haaland showcased why he’s not only an extraordinary asset on the field but also a fantasy gem that can potentially shape the destiny of FPL leagues this season.

What To Do With Gabriel & John Stones…

In a surprising turn of events during Gameweek 1 of the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League season, both Gabriel of Arsenal and John Stones of Man City found themselves absent from their respective starting line-ups, leaving FPL managers grappling with a strategic dilemma. These premium assets, commanding a hefty price in FPL squads, have historically been stalwarts in defence, contributing not only with clean sheets but also the occasional goal threat. However, their unexpected omissions have ignited debates among managers about whether it’s time to reconsider their roles in our squads. As the FPL community assesses the potential consequences of their absence, the looming risk of a price reduction hovers over these players, posing a potential threat to their market value. In light of this uncertainty, prudence seems to dictate that managers hold onto these assets for the moment, keeping a keen eye on their involvement in Gameweek 2. This cautious approach will allow us to gather more information about the reasons behind their absence and evaluate their prospects moving forward. In the meantime, as the likes of Ben Chilwell and Reece James beckon with their promising attacking potential, it’s crucial to weigh the merits of a potential transfer against the inherent risks. It’s also worth noting that Jurrien Timber’s unfortunate injury further complicates defensive decisions, making a well-thought-out strategy paramount in navigating these early FPL waters.

Ben Chilwell Looks Lively

In Gameweek 1 of the Fantasy Premier League, Ben Chilwell undoubtedly stole the spotlight, marking his return with a commendable performance that garnered him 7 valuable FPL points. His impressive display on the pitch had FPL managers across the board excited about his potential as a key asset in their fantasy teams. Notably, during the game against Liverpool, Chilwell’s heatmap showcased his dynamic presence, with significant activity in the left-wing position, highlighting his versatility and attacking prowess from the full-back position. As the fixtures take a significant swing in Gameweek 3, with potentially favourable matchups on the horizon, it’s highly likely that Ben Chilwell’s FPL price will experience an instant rise, making him a player to watch closely for astute managers looking to capitalise on his form and potential for point accumulation.

Marcus Rashford & Bruno Fernandes Blanks

In a turn of events that left Fantasy Premier League managers across the globe scratching their heads, Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes found themselves in an unexpected quagmire during Gameweek 1 of the 2023/24 season. As heavy favourites in their clash against Wolves, many FPL managers had pinned their hopes on the dynamic duo to deliver a substantial haul of points. However, the match’s outcome proved far from the anticipated spectacle. Manchester United secured a slender 1-0 victory, a result that, while securing three points, left Rashford and Fernandes frustratingly distant from the action on the score sheet. This unexpected lack of involvement sent ripples of disappointment through the FPL community, as managers had counted on the duo’s creative genius and goal-scoring prowess to ignite their fantasy campaigns. The partnership between the two stars seemed somewhat disjointed, raising questions about how Manchester United’s manager, Erik Ten Hag, will address this issue moving forward. As FPL managers collectively hope for an imminent resurgence, Ten Hag’s tactical adjustments and strategies to rekindle the form of these players will be closely monitored. As the season progresses, the enigma of Rashford and Fernandes will undoubtedly be one of the narratives to watch, encapsulating the intricate dance between football reality and fantasy aspirations.


As the curtain falls on Gameweek 1 of the Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 season in this Gameweek 1 review, managers find themselves on a rollercoaster of emotions – some basking in the glory of wise captaincy choices, while others contemplate swift transfers to rectify their initial misjudgments. This opening chapter has proven once again that the Premier League is an unpredictable arena, where stars can rise from obscurity and giants can stumble. As we gear up for Gameweek 2, armed with invaluable insights from the inaugural matches, let’s remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Success in Fantasy Premier League demands astute analysis, strategic foresight, and a touch of luck. So, fellow managers, buckle up and get ready for another exhilarating ride through the highs and lows of the beautiful game. Thank you for reading FPL Planet’s gameweek 1 review.



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