Comparing Premium FPL Forwards: Kane vs Salah vs Haaland

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August 03, 2023

Comparing Premium FPL Forwards: Kane vs Salah vs Haaland

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a captivating virtual realm for football enthusiasts, where they can assemble their dream teams and compete with millions of managers worldwide. One of the most crucial decisions in FPL is selecting premium forwards, as they play a pivotal role in racking up points through goals, assists, and bonus points. In this blog, we’ll delve into a head-to-head comparison of three prolific premium forwards: Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, and Erling Haaland. Let’s analyze their strengths, weaknesses, and performances to help you make an informed choice for your FPL squad.

Harry Kane:

Harry Kane is a household name in English football and a perennial top scorer. Known for his clinical finishing and lethal presence in the box, Kane is a strong contender for any FPL manager. His consistency and remarkable goal-scoring record make him a sought-after asset, particularly in seasons when he’s in top form.


  • Prolific Goal Scorer: Kane regularly finds the back of the net and often emerges as the Golden Boot contender.
  • Playmaker: Besides scoring goals, Kane is known for his ability to create chances and provide assists, accumulating valuable FPL points.
  • Set-pieces: Kane’s proficiency in free-kicks and penalties increases his scoring potential.


  • Injury Concerns: Historically, Kane has faced some injury issues that could impact his availability and points output.
  • Slower Starts: Kane tends to start the season relatively slowly, which might make managers hesitant to select him initially.
  • Transfer Rumours: He’s rumoured to be considering a deal to Bayern Munich, so he might not even be in the game!

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Mohamed Salah:

Mohamed Salah has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the FPL universe. The Egyptian winger has consistently delivered outstanding performances, notching up goals and assists with remarkable frequency. His explosive pace and mesmerising dribbling make him a nightmare for opposing defenders.


  • Explosive Attacker: Salah’s incredible pace and dribbling skills often result in big hauls, particularly in favourable fixtures.
  • Versatility: Salah can score from various positions, be it cutting inside from the right flank or finishing from central areas.
  • Consistency: The Liverpool talisman consistently scores points, even when Liverpool is not at its best.


  • Price Tag: As one of the most expensive players in FPL, fitting him into the budget can be challenging.
  • Sits out on the wing more often rather than playing in a central roles, which limits his goal scoring chances but increases his assists.

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Erling Haaland:

Erling Haaland has quickly become one of the hottest properties in world football. His incredible goal-scoring prowess, even at a young age, has made him a prime target for FPL managers. Haaland’s physicality, speed, and clinical finishing make him a formidable option.


  • Goal Machine: Haaland has an astonishing goal-scoring rate, capable of scoring multiple goals in a single game.
  • Rising Star: Being a young player, Haaland has potential for further improvement, making him an exciting prospect.
  • Limited International Duty: As of now, Haaland represents Norway, which might impact his availability less compared to other big names.


  • Super expensive: he’s the most expensive asset within the entire game at £14.0 million.
  • Pep Roulette: If Guardiola chooses to switch around the City team because of games in European competition then it is likely we could see Haaland’s minutes take a dip. But he can usually do a job anyway.


Selecting Premium FPL Forwards for your team is a critical decision that can significantly influence your season’s outcome. While Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, and Erling Haaland all possess unique strengths, they also come with certain weaknesses. Kane is a proven goal scorer with some injury concerns, Salah offers explosive points but comes at a premium cost, and Haaland represents an exciting prospect with adaptation risks.

As an FPL manager, it’s essential to consider their form, fixtures, and team dynamics before making your choice. Moreover, managing your budget efficiently to accommodate these premium assets while maintaining a balanced squad is crucial.

Ultimately, the decision will depend on your risk appetite, long-term strategy, and instincts as a manager. Each of these forwards can be a game-changer and lead your FPL team to glory if picked wisely. Good luck with your selections, and may your FPL season be filled with goals and triumphs!



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