Best West Ham Fantasy Premier League Picks – 2023/24 Edition

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August 10, 2023

Best West Ham Fantasy Premier League Picks – 2023/24 Edition

Welcome, football fanatics and fantasy managers, to an exciting new chapter of the Premier League season – the 2023/24 edition! As the anticipation builds and the league kicks off with a flourish, we’re thrilled to present a comprehensive guide to the best West Ham Fantasy Premier League picks. The Hammers have consistently been a source of both excitement and intrigue, and this season promises to be no different. Whether you’re an ardent supporter of the Claret and Blue or a fantasy football aficionado seeking to outwit your rivals, this guide is your ultimate playbook to navigate the turbulent waters of FPL and select the prime performers from West Ham United.

Best West Ham Fantasy Premier League Goalkeepers

Alphonse Areola

Alphonse Areola holds the potential to become a standout choice for Fantasy Premier League managers, particularly if he secures the coveted number 1 goalkeeper position at West Ham. Priced at an appealing £4.0 million, his affordability combined with his skill set and the prospect of a solid West Ham defensive line makes him a compelling option for FPL managers seeking to allocate their funds strategically. Areola’s experience and shot-stopping abilities are well-documented, and if he manages to establish himself as the linchpin of West Ham’s defense, his clean sheet potential could make him an indispensable asset for any FPL squad. For managers aiming to maximize their resources and allocate funds to other crucial positions, Areola’s potential ascent to the starting role at West Ham renders him a tempting “must-have” option that might unlock a winning formula in Fantasy Premier League.

Best West Ham Fantasy Premier League Defenders

Nayef Aguerd

Nayef Aguerd emerges as an exceptional defensive asset for West Ham in the Fantasy Premier League this season. Renowned for his solid defensive prowess and consistent performances, Aguerd has established himself as a mainstay in West Ham’s backline, making him a reliable and “nailed on” option for valuable minutes. Statistically, the team’s defensive record significantly improves when he is on the pitch, underscoring his influence in minimising goals conceded. While clean sheets might be a rarity for West Ham, Aguerd’s skill set and the potential for a favourable fixture swing make him an intriguing prospect for FPL managers seeking a pathway into the Hammers’ defensive setup. His reliable presence, combined with his capability to contribute to attacking set-pieces, positions Aguerd as a well-rounded and promising choice for FPL managers looking to bolster their backline options.

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Best West Ham Fantasy Premier League Midfielders

Jarrod Bowen

In the dynamic realm of West Ham’s attacking prowess, Jarrod Bowen shines as a vital force, carrying the mantle of being their prime source for goals and assists. Operating as a midfielder, his ability to rack up points for goals becomes a strategic advantage in Fantasy Premier League. Bowen’s track record speaks volumes, having notched up an impressive 6 goals and 9 assists in the previous season alone. However, these statistics only scratch the surface of his potential, as evidenced by his stellar performance in the 2021/22 campaign, where he unleashed 12 goals and orchestrated an astounding 17 assists. The prospect of even greater achievements lies ahead, particularly if West Ham hits their stride early and finds their rhythm. In such a scenario, Bowen’s impact on the team’s success is bound to be substantial, further solidifying his role as a standout choice for FPL managers seeking a dynamic midfielder with the potential to amass substantial points through both goals and assists.

Saïd Benrahma

Saïd Benrahma emerges as a compelling alternative to Jarrod Bowen for Fantasy Premier League managers seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on attacking potential. Positioned on the opposite wing, Benrahma showcased his flair by notching 6 goals and 3 assists, despite starting considerably fewer games than his counterpart. This underlines his ability to make a significant impact in limited opportunities. Should Benrahma secure an extended run in the starting lineup, the possibility of matching or even surpassing Bowen’s contributions becomes palpable. Priced at a reasonable £6.0 million, Benrahma’s potential to bridge the gap of a £1 million budget difference offers a strategic advantage for FPL managers looking to optimise their squad composition. His flair, creativity, and keen eye for goal make him a tantalising prospect for those seeking an astute midfield selection that doesn’t break the bank.

Best West Ham Fantasy Premier League Forwards

Divin Mubama

Divin Mubama emerges as a standout budget-friendly Fantasy Premier League option, priced at just £4.5 million, presenting FPL managers with an enticing prospect for optimising their squad composition. With the departure of Gianluca Scamacca and the potential exit of Michail Antonio, Mubama’s pathway to valuable game time under David Moyes’ management appears to be opening up. As a result, he’s poised to step into a more prominent role within West Ham’s attacking setup. Mubama’s affordability and the growing likelihood of his involvement make him an intriguing option for FPL managers seeking an under-the-radar choice that can potentially deliver impressive returns. While risks are inherent in selecting emerging talents, Mubama’s potential to seize his opportunities and make a meaningful impact on the pitch could translate to a shrewd investment for those looking to capitalise on his rise within the West Ham squad.


And there you have it, fellow FPL enthusiasts and loyal West Ham followers – a rundown of the top-notch Fantasy Premier League picks for the 2023/24 season. As the campaign unfolds, keep a close eye on these Hammers stars who are poised to light up the pitch and potentially your fantasy team. Remember, the beauty of FPL lies in its unpredictability, so don’t hesitate to mix and match our selections according to the ebb and flow of the season.

Whether West Ham is soaring in the league table or facing challenges, their players have the potential to bring glory to your fantasy team. So, buckle up for a thrilling ride of highs, lows, and nail-biting moments as you manage your squad and aim for FPL supremacy. May your fantasy team flourish, and may the spirit of the game guide you to victory!



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