Best Tottenham Hotspur Fantasy Premier League Picks – 2023/24 Edition

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August 09, 2023

Best Tottenham Hotspur Fantasy Premier League Picks – 2023/24 Edition

Welcome to the Best Tottenham Hotspur Fantasy Premier League Picks – 2023/24 Edition! As the new Premier League season unfurls its wings, the fantasy football fever is spreading like wildfire! Among the glitz and glamour of English football, one club stands tall with its rich history and passionate fanbase – Tottenham Hotspur. The 2023/24 season promises to be a riveting journey, and for all you ardent Fantasy Premier League managers, we’ve got a treasure trove of insights waiting for you. Join us as we embark on an exhilarating adventure to uncover the finest Tottenham Hotspur FPL picks – the players who are destined to light up your fantasy squads and lead you to glory in the virtual world of FPL!

Best Tottenham Hotspur Fantasy Premier League Goalkeepers

Opting for a Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper in Fantasy Premier League (FPL) could prove to be a riskier move than initially perceived. With the anticipation of conceding a substantial number of goals looming over the team, investing in a Spurs goalkeeper might not yield the desired FPL returns. Additionally, these goalkeeper options often come at a premium price point, making the investment less appealing given the potential for lower clean sheet prospects. In contrast, more budget-friendly choices like Flekken, Pickford, and Johnstone at £4.5 million have a better chance of accumulating higher FPL points due to their potential for clean sheets, save points, and bonus points. Given the unpredictable nature of defensive performances in football, FPL managers might find greater value and consistency in the lower-priced goalkeeper options rather than splurging on a Spurs goalkeeper that could face an uphill battle in terms of points production.

Best Tottenham Hotspur Fantasy Premier League Defenders

Destiny Udogie

Destiny Udogie emerges as a captivating Fantasy Premier League (FPL) asset due to his distinctive role within the Tottenham Hotspur squad. While the team’s defensive record might not promise an abundance of clean sheets, Udogie’s positioning as an inverted wing-back infuses excitement into his FPL potential. Operating in a progressive system, Udogie’s inclination to surge forward and infiltrate the opponents’ final third presents a promising avenue for accumulating attacking returns. His role not only allows him to contribute to goal-scoring opportunities but also potentially secure assists and even occasional goals. As FPL managers seek differentials to gain an edge, Udogie’s role as an adventurous, attacking fullback could offer a unique and rewarding avenue for points generation, making him an intriguing prospect for FPL squads looking to differentiate and capitalise on unexpected sources of fantasy points.

Pedro Porro

Next in the list of best Tottenham Hotspur Fantasy Premier League picks is Pedro Porro. A hidden gem for Fantasy Premier League managers at an incredibly budget-friendly price of £5.0 million, Pedro Porro emerges as a standout candidate for the 2023/24 season. Since his arrival at Tottenham Hotspur in January, the dynamic right-back has swiftly become a key asset on the pitch, already amassing an impressive record of three goals and three assists. Now, under the charge of the attack-minded manager Ange Postecoglou, Porro’s star is set to soar even higher. With the tactical freedom to venture forward and Postecoglou’s emphasis on attacking play, the Spanish sensation promises to deliver extraordinary returns on investment for FPL managers looking to bolster their squads with a potent attacking threat from the defensive line. At such an affordable price, Porro’s potential for FPL success is simply too good to ignore!

How Do Player Price Changes Work In Fantasy Premier League?

Best Tottenham Hotspur Fantasy Premier League Midfielders

Son Heung-min

The recent price drop of Son Heung-min to £9.0 million in the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) presents a golden opportunity for astute managers to rekindle their faith in the South Korean sensation. With two astonishing 200-point seasons under his belt in previous campaigns, Son has proven his ability to deliver significant FPL returns. While the 2022/23 season may have been underwhelming by his high standards, leading many managers to shy away, Son’s hunger for redemption and his determination to showcase his talents to the new manager could herald a triumphant resurgence. His combination of pace, precision, and goal-scoring prowess make him a multifaceted asset that can contribute heavily to FPL points. As a player known for his spectacular goals and match-winning performances, Son’s recent price drop is a chance for shrewd FPL managers to seize upon his potential resurgence and reap the benefits of his revival on the field.

James Maddison

In the ever-evolving landscape of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), one name is emerging as an intriguing prospect for the upcoming 2023/24 season: James Maddison. The English midfielder’s performances have sparked interest due to his remarkable feat of scoring 10 goals and providing 9 assists, all while navigating the turbulent waters of a struggling Leicester City side that unfortunately faced relegation last season. The question that lingers in the minds of FPL managers is this: If Maddison could shine so brightly in a team that faced adversity, how much more could he achieve surrounded by a stronger supporting cast? With his creative flair, set-piece expertise, and an eye for goal, the prospect of Maddison donning the colours of a revitalised Tottenham Hotspur is undoubtedly tantalising. As he embarks on a new chapter in his career, FPL enthusiasts are keeping a watchful eye on Maddison, wondering if he can translate his individual brilliance into collective success and become a bona fide points magnet for fantasy teams across the globe.

Richarlison (If Kane leaves)

Richarlison’s potential as a Fantasy Premier League (FPL) gem seems to hinge on the outcome of the Harry Kane transfer saga. If Kane departs for Bayern Munich, all eyes could turn to Richarlison to step up as Tottenham’s new number 9, taking on the pivotal role of the primary goal-scorer. This transition could catapult the Brazilian forward into the spotlight as a must-have FPL asset. Richarlison’s versatility, skill, and knack for finding the back of the net make him an intriguing prospect for FPL managers seeking an under-the-radar points magnet. His impressive pre-season performance only adds to the excitement, hinting at his potential to flourish in a more central role. While his FPL potential hinges on external factors, the prospect of Richarlison leading the line for Spurs presents an exciting opportunity for savvy managers to gain an edge by investing in his burgeoning goal-scoring prowess.

Premium FPL Forwards - Harry Kane

Best Tottenham Hotspur Fantasy Premier League Forwards

Harry Kane

As speculations swirl around his potential move to Bayern Munich, the possibility of him staying at Spurs presents a tantalising prospect for FPL enthusiasts. Kane’s determination to break the Premier League goal-scoring record has injected an extra edge into his game, making him an even more compelling FPL option. Last season’s remarkable feat of 30 goals showcased his unwavering ability to find the back of the net consistently, an achievement only overshadowed by Erling Haaland’s astonishing 36 goals. Kane’s clinical finishing, creativity, and set-piece prowess make him an all-around package, translating into a significant points haul for FPL managers. Should he remain at Tottenham, the hunger to etch his name in Premier League history could drive Kane to even greater heights, making him an indispensable asset for FPL squads seeking a winning edge.

With the final whistle blown on our exploration of the Best Tottenham Hotspur Fantasy Premier League Picks for the 2023/24 season, we hope you’re now armed with all the knowledge you need to craft a winning FPL team. The magic of English football lies in its unpredictability, and while the season promises to be full of twists and turns, we have faith in the stars that adorn the white shirt of Tottenham Hotspur.

So, whether you’re a seasoned FPL manager seeking to fine-tune your squad or a newbie looking to make your mark, remember to trust your instincts and back the players who set your heart racing. As the players dazzle us on the pitch with their sublime skills, let’s embark on this FPL adventure with a united sense of excitement and camaraderie.

As we eagerly anticipate the kick-off, we bid farewell for now, but rest assured, we’ll be with you every step of the way throughout this action-packed season. So, gather your fellow managers, set up those private leagues, and get ready to immerse yourself in the unparalleled drama that only Fantasy Premier League can offer!

May your Tottenham Hotspur FPL picks shine bright, and may your journey be laden with success and FPL points aplenty. Cheers to a phenomenal season ahead! COYS!



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