Best Goalkeepers For GW1 in Fantasy Premier League 2023/24

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August 08, 2023

Best Goalkeepers For GW1 in Fantasy Premier League 2023/24

Welcome back, fantasy football fanatics! With the dawn of a thrilling new Premier League season, it’s time to dust off those team sheets and embark on another epic journey in the world of Fantasy Premier League. As the excitement builds and the anticipation reaches a crescendo, one crucial element that can’t be overlooked is choosing the Best Goalkeepers For GW1 in Fantasy Premier League 2023/24. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be diving deep into the realm of glovesmen, analysing their form, fixtures, and potential to secure those precious clean sheets. So, get ready to fortify your fantasy squad with the shot-stoppers who are set to deliver a flying start to your FPL campaign!

Best Manchester United Fantasy Premier League Picks - André Onana

André Onana

In our quest to uncover the Best Goalkeepers for GW1 in Fantasy Premier League 2023/24, one name shines bright with David De Gea’s departure from Manchester United – André Onana. The Cameroonian shot-stopper, renowned for his goalkeeping prowess at Ajax and Inter Milan, now graces Old Trafford with a wealth of experience and talent. Notably, Onana’s impressive record of keeping the most clean sheets in the Eredivisie last season highlights his ability to organise and marshal the defence effectively.

Yet, what truly sets him apart as an FPL gem is his knack for making crucial saves, earning valuable save points for astute fantasy managers. His shot-stopping abilities, coupled with the potential for clean sheets under the guidance of Manchester United’s formidable defence, make him an alluring prospect for FPL managers seeking reliability and points from their goalkeeper slot. As he takes the field donning the Red Devils’ jersey, Onana is poised to leave an indelible mark in the Premier League and become a vital asset for FPL managers seeking consistency and lucrative points. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to have André Onana guarding your fantasy team’s net in GW1 and beyond!

Mark Flekken

With Mark Flekken’s recent £11 million signing for Brentford, there’s heightened anticipation that Raya may depart from the club if the desired fee is met. If this scenario unfolds, Raya would likely become the undisputed number one at Brentford, a position that might have been assured when he initially joined the club. As a former number one at Freiburg, who even qualified for European football under his stewardship, it’s unlikely that Raya would settle for a bench role at Brentford.

Last season, David Raya emerged as the highest-scoring goalkeeper in Fantasy Premier League, setting the bar high for Flekken to follow suit. Fortunately, Flekken will now find himself at a club that is expected to face a significant number of shots, allowing him ample opportunities to rack up valuable save points. Additionally, Brentford’s 12 clean sheets from the previous season suggest that Flekken could also seize the chance to earn substantial points through clean sheet bonuses.

With these factors in mind, there’s considerable hope that Mark Flekken will prove to be a fantastic fantasy asset this season, much like Raya in the previous campaign. FPL managers should keep a close eye on the developments regarding Raya’s potential departure and Flekken’s role at Brentford, as they could hold the key to securing a valuable and points-generating goalkeeper for GW1 and beyond.

Best Goalkeepers For GW1 in Fantasy Premier League - Aaron Ramsdale

Aaron Ramsdale

Next in the Best Goalkeepers For GW1, Ramsdale secures his spot in the side as the first-choice goalkeeper at Arsenal. However, what truly sets him apart and earns him a place on this list is his price tag – a reasonable £5.0 million. While this places him above most goalkeepers in terms of price, he falls below the higher-priced options like Ederson, Alisson, and Pope, who all stand at £5.5 million.

Ramsdale’s pound-for-pound FPL value makes him a compelling choice for FPL managers seeking a solid goalkeeper without breaking the bank. With an impressive 14 clean sheets in the previous season, coupled with 94 saves and 9 bonus points, Ramsdale has proven to be a reliable and consistent presence between the posts. His safe pair of hands makes him an excellent Arsenal pick for your Fantasy Premier League team, providing a strong foundation for potential clean sheets and save points. As the Gunners’ last line of defence, Ramsdale is poised to be a valuable asset in your quest for FPL success in GW1 and beyond.

Jordan Pickford

Astonishingly, he is currently chosen by 13.7% of FPL managers, making him the fourth most popular goalkeeper despite Everton’s 17th-place finish and limited 8 clean sheets last season. While Everton’s defensive record raises eyebrows, Pickford’s real value lies in his ability to accumulate save points. With an impressive 124 saves in the 2022/23 season, ranking third overall, the English shot-stopper showcases his remarkable shot-stopping skills.

Considering Everton’s defensive lineup remains relatively unchanged, it becomes evident why Pickford remains an appealing option at a modest £4.5 million price tag. For FPL managers seeking a cost-effective goalkeeper with the potential for consistent save points, including Jordan Pickford in your GW1 squad could prove to be a wise move. His ability to mitigate the impact of conceding goals through crucial saves adds a valuable dimension to any fantasy team, making him an enticing choice for the start of the season.

Sam Johnstone

As we delve into the Best Goalkeepers for GW1 in Fantasy Premier League 2023/24, one standout option worth considering is Sam Johnstone. The English shot-stopper finds himself in a promising position at Crystal Palace, a team known for their defensive solidity under the management of Roy Hodgson. With Palace’s track record of not conceding many goals, Johnstone is poised to be a strong contender for clean sheets in the opening gameweeks. Moreover, Palace’s fixture list at the start of the season offers some highly desirable matchups, presenting an excellent opportunity for Johnstone to accumulate crucial points right from the beginning. As FPL managers plan their squads for GW1, Sam Johnstone emerges as a great pick, offering the potential for clean sheets and an advantageous run of fixtures to kick off the season on a high note.

Ederson save vs Inter Milan

Ederson, if you’re looking to pay top money

If you’re on the hunt for a top-tier goalkeeper in Fantasy Premier League and in our list of Best Goalkeepers For GW1, your search ends with Ederson at Manchester City – a stellar choice for any FPL squad. With a formidable and rock-solid defence shielding him, Ederson’s potential for clean sheets is undeniably enticing, as demonstrated by his impressive 13 clean sheets in the previous 2022/23 season. City’s recent acquisition of defensive talent, such as Josko Gvardiol, further bolsters their backline, instilling even more confidence in Ederson’s ability to thwart opposing attacks effectively.

One significant advantage of having Ederson in your FPL team is his immunity to Pep Guardiola’s infamous defensive rotations. Guardiola’s penchant for shuffling his backline has caused headaches for FPL managers, but Ederson’s consistent presence in goal provides a secure shield against potential rotation pitfalls. With his exceptional shot-stopping skills and the assurance of a reliable defence in front of him, Ederson emerges as a top-notch choice to anchor your fantasy team and consistently secure valuable points week after week. Investing in Ederson will undoubtedly bolster your FPL squad, providing a premium goalkeeper option with the potential for clean sheets and a stable platform for success throughout the season.


As we conclude this riveting breakdown of the Best Goalkeepers for Gameweek 1 in Fantasy Premier League 2023/24, it’s time to put your insights into action. Armed with the knowledge of in-form custodians and enticing fixtures, you’re now better equipped to make shrewd goalkeeper selections for your FPL team. Remember, a solid foundation is vital for any successful fantasy campaign, and these goalkeepers have the potential to earn you crucial points with their clean sheets and heroic saves. Keep a close eye on the fixtures, player news, and form, as the season unfolds, and don’t be afraid to make those bold moves when needed. Best of luck, managers, and may your chosen goalkeepers guard your FPL aspirations with unwavering resolve! Happy fantasy footballing!



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