Best Gabriel Replacements For Your FPL Defence In Gameweek 4

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August 29, 2023

Best Gabriel Replacements For Your FPL Defence In Gameweek 4

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) landscape is ever-shifting, and as the new season unfolds, managers are faced with a plethora of strategic decisions to make. One such decision involves Gabriel Magalhães, the Arsenal centre-back who has become a staple in many FPL squads due to his defensive prowess and ability to earn valuable points. However, the unexpected twist of events has left both FPL managers and Arsenal fans surprised – Gabriel has yet to start for any of the Gunners’ first three games. Mikel Arteta’s tactical decisions have undoubtedly sent shockwaves through the FPL community, prompting managers to contemplate the presumed “nailed” asset: replacing Gabriel. Join us as we delve into the best Gabriel replacements to consider for your FPL defence in light of this unforeseen situation.

Best Gabriel Replacement – William Saliba?

In the realm of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), the prospect of swapping in William Saliba for Gabriel in defence has garnered attention. Representing the same team, Saliba mirrors Gabriel’s playing style seamlessly, making him an attractive alternative valued at £5.2 million. What adds intrigue is Saliba’s apparent ascent in the team’s defensive hierarchy within the new tactical framework, potentially affording him more playing time and impact. This shift invites FPL managers to consider Saliba as a cost-effective option for strategic defensive adjustments, capitalising on his rising prominence and the team’s evolving dynamics.

Josko Gvardiol – Manchester City (£5.1 Million)

In the dynamic landscape of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), an enticing defensive option has emerged in the form of Josko Gvardiol. Priced at a reasonable £5.1 million, Gvardiol presents an intriguing option for best Gabriel replacements. Operating within the steadfast Manchester City defence that has impressively conceded only one goal in three games, Gvardiol’s potential for clean sheets is striking. His recent transition from RB Leipzig for a substantial €90 million underscores his significance in the team, suggesting that his inclusion in the lineup is far from ornamental. FPL managers have the opportunity to tap into Gvardiol’s presence in a solid defence and his burgeoning role, making him an appealing choice for strategic defensive manoeuvres that promise both stability and potential for FPL success.

Rico Henry – Brentford (£4.6 Million)

For Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers aiming to balance their budget without compromising on defensive prowess, Rico Henry emerges as an enticing option. Priced at an economical £4.6 million, Henry presents a wallet-friendly alternative without sacrificing performance. As part of the robust Brentford defence, his role in a sturdy backline is commendable. What sets Henry apart is his attacking flair as a dynamic wing-back, often surging forward to contribute to the attack. Impressively, he has amassed a noteworthy 0.9 expected goal involvement (xGI) in the initial three matches, a remarkable feat for a defender. FPL enthusiasts looking to optimise their squad’s efficiency while embracing affordability should consider Henry’s dual threat of defensive solidity and potential offensive contributions, making him a compelling choice in the realm of FPL.

THE Best Gabriel Replacements Currently? – Ben Chilwell / Malo Gusto

For Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers looking to bolster their defence, the choices of Ben Chilwell and Malo Gusto at Chelsea are in our list of best Gabriel replacements. Priced at £5.7 million, and available for £4.1 million, Chilwell and Gusto emerge as appealing prospects. What adds to their allure is Chelsea’s upcoming fixture swing, which many are looking to capitalise on in the forthcoming weeks.

Chilwell’s attacking prowess from the left-back position has proven to be a valuable asset, rendering him a consistent contributor to Chelsea’s offensive efforts. Likewise, Malo Gusto’s more affordable price doesn’t diminish his impact on the pitch, as he exhibits promise in advancing high up the field and delivering returns.

With Chelsea’s fixture swing on the horizon, these choices carry the potential for clean sheets alongside attacking returns. As both Chilwell and Gusto actively partake in the team’s offensive movements, they emerge as standout selections to ponder over others. For FPL managers keen on optimising their line-up for the upcoming weeks, the fusion of these players’ performances and Chelsea’s favourable fixtures might just position them as the prime picks to fortify the defensive line.

Dan Burn – Newcastle United (£4.5 Million)

In the intricate realm of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), Dan Burn presents an intriguing option for managers seeking value without compromising on potential gains. Priced at a modest £4.5 million, Burn stands out as a budget-friendly alternative. For those planning ahead to Gameweek 5, an advantageous fixture swing for Newcastle enhances Burn’s appeal. This strategic shift positions him as a favourable choice over Gabriel. Notably versatile, Burn’s ability to perform capably at left-back or centre-back adds an extra layer of reliability to his profile. As FPL enthusiasts weigh their options, Burn’s combination of cost-effectiveness, tactical adaptability, and the forthcoming favourable fixtures makes him an appealing prospect worth considering for defensive manoeuvres.


In the world of FPL, adaptability is key, and being able to make swift, informed decisions can set you apart from the competition. As we bid farewell to this discussion on the best Gabriel replacements, remember that the beauty of FPL lies in its unpredictability. Players who were once under the radar can suddenly become stars, and defensive strategies can pivot in a matter of moments. Whether Gabriel makes a triumphant return or remains sidelined, your FPL journey continues. Keep an eye on the ever-evolving FPL landscape, stay informed about team news, and most importantly, trust your instincts. As the season unfolds, may your points be plenty and your managerial choices shrewd. Happy managing!



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