Best Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Podcasts To Listen To 2023/24


August 23, 2023

Best Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Podcasts To Listen To 2023/24

The world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is a dynamic and ever-evolving one, requiring constant updates and insights to make the best decisions for your fantasy team. With the 2023/24 season in full swing, staying ahead of the game becomes crucial. One of the most effective ways to stay informed and entertained is by tuning in to FPL podcasts. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best FPL podcasts to listen to this season, helping you navigate the ups and downs of the FPL landscape.

“The Fantasy Football Scout Podcast”:

Fantasy Football Scout is a well-established platform known for its insightful analysis, statistics, and tools. Their podcast is equally informative and engaging. Hosted by Joe, David, and Seb, the podcast delves deep into FPL strategy, player picks, fixture analysis, and more. The team also discusses the latest trends, injuries, and price changes to help you make informed decisions for your fantasy team.

Listen here

“Always Cheating – The Fantasy Premier League Podcast”:

Hosted by Josh and Brandon, the “Always Cheating” podcast offers a unique blend of analysis and humor. With a focus on strategy, the hosts provide valuable insights while sharing their own FPL experiences. Their “listener questions” segment is particularly popular, allowing listeners to get personalized advice based on their queries.

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“The FPL Wire”:

The FPL Wire is a podcast that brings together FPL enthusiasts from around the globe. Hosted by Zophar and Lateriser, the show covers various aspects of FPL, including player picks, captaincy choices, and differential options. The hosts’ diverse perspectives make for engaging discussions that cater to different strategies and playing styles.

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“The Official Fantasy Premier League Podcast”:

Produced by the Premier League itself, this podcast features a mix of expert analysis and insights from former players and managers. Hosted by James Richardson, Kelly Somers, and Lee Bonfield, the podcast covers player interviews, game reviews, and previews. It provides an official perspective on FPL matters, making it a valuable source of information.

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“Planet FPL”:

Hosted by James and Suj, “Planet FPL” offers a laid-back yet insightful take on FPL. The hosts discuss player form, upcoming fixtures, and share their personal experiences as FPL managers. The podcast’s relatable and friendly vibe makes it a favorite among listeners.

Listen here

“The 59th Minute FPL Podcast”:

Hosted by Matt and Dan, this podcast is known for its tactical analysis and in-depth discussions. The hosts provide data-driven insights and delve into advanced FPL strategies, making it a great choice for managers looking to take their game to the next level.

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In the world of Fantasy Premier League, staying informed and updated is essential for a successful season. The podcasts mentioned above offer a diverse range of perspectives, strategies, and entertainment to help you navigate the complexities of FPL. Whether you’re a seasoned FPL veteran or a newcomer, these podcasts will provide valuable insights and keep you engaged throughout the 2023/24 season. So, plug in your earphones and get ready to enhance your FPL experience through the power of podcasts!



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