Best Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Picks from Promoted Teams – 2023/24

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August 07, 2023

Best Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Picks from Promoted Teams – 2023/24

The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) world is abuzz with excitement as the new season kicks off, introducing us to a fresh wave of talent from the promoted teams. Every year, the arrival of new players from the Championship offers FPL managers an opportunity to discover hidden gems who can become key assets for their dream teams. These players, having proven themselves in the lower divisions, are now eager to make their mark on the grand stage of the Premier League.

In this blog, we embark on an enthralling journey to explore the best FPL picks from the promoted teams for the upcoming 2023/24 season. From goal-scoring machines to creative maestros and rock-solid defenders, these players are ready to seize the opportunity and leave a lasting impression on FPL managers worldwide.

Join us as we dive into the world of promising talents, analysing their potential, strengths, and the impact they could have on your FPL squad. Prepare to unearth hidden gems and stay ahead of the competition by making shrewd choices from the pool of rising stars brought forth by the exciting prospects of the Premier League’s promoted teams.

Promoted Team Pick 1 – Carlton Morris (£5.5 Million Forward)

When it comes to finding a hidden gem for your Fantasy Premier League team this season, Carlton Morris is undoubtedly the best option to consider. After a spectacular campaign with Luton, scoring an impressive 20 goals and providing 7 crucial assists, Morris has proven his goal-scoring prowess and attacking prowess. Priced at an affordable £5.5 million, he offers an incredible value for his potential returns. With the departure of Iliman Ndiaye at Sheffield United, Morris emerges as one of the most secure picks in the entire game, practically nailed on to start for his club. Luton’s hesitancy to sign a marquee player to fill his role further cements his position as a key player in their attacking setup. As the season kicks off, rest assured that Carlton Morris will be present and ready to make an impact in Gameweek 1, providing FPL managers with an exciting prospect who could become their secret weapon in the quest for Fantasy Premier League success.

Promoted Team Pick 2 – Issa Kaboré (£4.0 Million Defender)

When it comes to seeking budget-friendly bargains for your Fantasy Premier League squad, Issa Kaboré emerges as a compelling option worth considering. Priced at an enticing £4.0 million, he offers excellent value for FPL managers looking to free up funds for other key positions. As a talented right wing-back for Luton Town, Kaboré appears to be virtually guaranteed a starting spot in the team’s lineup. His consistent appearances in preseason matches and the manager’s confidence in his abilities make him a reliable and secure pick for FPL managers. With the potential to contribute both defensively and offensively, Kaboré presents an exciting opportunity to gain points through clean sheets and attacking involvements. As the season kicks off, keeping Issa Kaboré in your FPL squad could prove to be a savvy move, allowing you to allocate resources wisely while having a promising young talent who’s poised to shine for the Hatters throughout the 2023/24 season.

Promoted Team Pick 3 – Connor Roberts (£4.5 Million Defender)

If you find yourself in need of a budget-friendly Burnley defender for your Fantasy Premier League squad, look no further than Connor Roberts. Priced at a reasonable £4.5 million, Roberts offers an excellent option from the Clarets’ backline. Operating as a right wing-back, he consistently ventures forward, making him a potent attacking threat in addition to his defensive duties. Roberts showcased his attacking potential last season, impressively scoring 4 goals and providing 6 crucial assists. Such impressive attacking contributions from a defender can be a game-changer in FPL. As the new season unfolds, Roberts is poised to continue his attacking exploits and rack up points through both clean sheets and goal involvements. With his ability to contribute at both ends of the pitch, Connor Roberts stands as a viable and exciting option for FPL managers in search of a reliable and affordable Burnley defender for the 2023/24 season.

Promoted Team Pick 4 – James Trafford (£4.5 Million Goalkeeper)

As the new Fantasy Premier League season approaches, one name that has garnered considerable attention as a potential FPL asset is James Trafford. The young goalkeeper had a standout campaign, displaying his immense talent by helping England win the U21 Euros without conceding a single goal. Trafford’s impressive performances caught the eye of Burnley, leading to his £19 million transfer from Manchester City. With this significant move, it’s almost certain that Trafford will secure a spot in Burnley’s starting XI. His remarkable record in League 1 last season further adds to his appeal, conceding just 34 goals in 45 games while keeping an impressive 22 clean sheets. As a young shot-stopper with enormous potential and a solid track record, James Trafford represents an enticing FPL asset who could be a valuable addition to any Fantasy Premier League team in the 2023/24 season.

Promoted Team Pick 5 – Jordan Beyer (£4.0 Million Defender)

In Burnley’s triumphant journey to the Championship title, one player who stood out as a defensive stalwart was Jordan Beyer. His commanding presence as a progressive centre half played a pivotal role in the team’s success, amassing an impressive number of clean sheets along the way. Beyer’s fearlessness in pushing forward to break the lines between defense and midfield adds a dynamic element to his game. Priced at a mere £4.0 million, he offers an incredible bargain for FPL managers seeking a reliable and cost-effective defensive option. Under the astute guidance of Vincent Kompany, Burnley’s defense is expected to maintain its solidity and cohesion, and Beyer’s guaranteed starting spot further enhances his appeal as a top FPL pick. As the 2023/24 season kicks off, keeping a keen eye on Jordan Beyer could prove to be a masterstroke, as he could play a crucial role in bolstering your FPL squad with clean sheets and potential attacking returns from the heart of Burnley’s backline.

Promoted Team Pick 6 – George Baldock (£4.0 Million Defender)

George Baldock emerges as a fantastic Fantasy Premier League asset at a budget-friendly price of £4.0 million. As a mainstay in the Sheffield United lineup, he is a reliable and consistent starter, featuring in 36 games last season. While his goal and assist contributions may not be astronomical, his consistent presence on the pitch makes him a steady source of potential points. Baldock’s role as a right-back gives him opportunities to get forward and join in attacks, offering the possibility of attacking returns in addition to clean sheet points. If you’re looking to build a well-balanced team on a budget, pairing Baldock alongside Jordan Beyer and Issa Kaboré could prove to be a shrewd move. However, should Sheffield United’s fixtures and form appear more favourable than other options, Baldock could easily become the standout budget option in your FPL defence. With a proven track record and a reliable spot in the starting lineup, George Baldock offers an intriguing prospect for FPL managers aiming to maximise returns without breaking the bank in the 2023/24 season.


As we conclude our exploration of the best FPL picks from the promoted teams, we hope you have discovered a treasure trove of talent that will enhance your Fantasy Premier League journey. The new season promises an exhilarating blend of established stars and emerging prospects, providing FPL managers with endless possibilities to craft a winning squad.

As you venture forth into the FPL landscape, remember the importance of balance and strategy. Integrating players from the promoted teams can be a masterstroke in your quest for FPL glory, but it should be complemented by a careful selection of proven performers from the established Premier League clubs.

Keep a watchful eye on the performances of these rising stars in the opening weeks, but also remember that FPL is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient and allow your selections to find their rhythm, as form can ebb and flow throughout the season.

Lastly, embrace the joy and unpredictability that FPL offers. Cherish the moments of triumph and learn from the challenges. As you make your mark in the world of Fantasy Premier League, may your team shine brightly, driven by the brilliance of the best picks from the promoted teams.

Good luck, and may this FPL season be a thrilling and unforgettable ride! Happy managing!



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