Best Everton Fantasy Premier League Picks – 2023/24 Edition

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August 01, 2023

Best Everton Fantasy Premier League Picks – 2023/24 Edition

As the new Premier League season dawns, Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers eagerly seek out the stars destined to illuminate the virtual world of football. Among the array of talented teams in the league, Everton has long been a source of excitement for both fans and FPL enthusiasts alike. With a rich history and an exciting squad, the Toffees boast players who can add sparkle to any FPL team.

In this blog, we embark on a captivating journey to unearth the best Everton FPL picks for the 2023/24 season. From seasoned performers to emerging talents, Everton offers a treasure trove of options to bolster your dream team. Join us as we delve into the world of blue and witness the brilliance of Everton’s top performers in their quest for FPL glory.

Prepare to discover the hidden gems and potential point-scoring machines that could elevate your FPL squad to the next level. Whether you seek a reliable goal-scorer, an assist wizard, or a rock-solid defender, Everton has players ready to mesmerise and deliver consistent returns.

Get ready to embrace the Toffees’ treasures, as we present you with the ultimate guide to the best Everton Fantasy Premier League picks for the enthralling 2023/24 season. Let the journey begin!

Everton’s First 5 Games:

  • Fulham (H)
  • Aston Villa (A)
  • Wolves (H)
  • Sheffield United (A)
  • Arsenal (H)

Best Everton Fantasy Premier League Goalkeepers

Jordan Pickford

Interestingly Jordan Pickford has currently been picked by 13.7% of Fantasy Premier League managers. Which for a side who finished in 17th and only picked up 8 clean sheets, making him the 4th most popular goalkeeper in the game currently. What Pickford does present great value on however is save points. Making 124 saves in 2022/23, this was the third highest tally and with the Everton defence being more or less the same as last year currently. It’s clear to see why you’d want Pickford in your team at £4.5 million.

Best Everton Fantasy Premier League Defenders

James Tarkowski

Tarkowski was the stand out defender for Everton last season and I firmly expect that to be the case this season too. Having started all 38 games in the Premier League last season, he’s the most reliable defensive option out there for Everton and poses a significant goal threat from corners too. He’s £4.5 million and probably the best route into the Everton defence currently. However I can’t help but feel that Jordan Pickford might be the better option between the 2.

Best Everton Fantasy Premier League Midfielders

Arnaut Danjuma

Arnaut Danjuma has proven to be a remarkable Fantasy Premier League (FPL) asset, and at a price of £5.5 million, he presents an incredible opportunity for Everton owners. The Dutch winger’s performances on the pitch have been nothing short of exceptional, showcasing his skillful dribbling, blistering pace, and clinical finishing. His ability to score goals and provide assists consistently has made him a new signing in FPL, giving him the potential to earn a substantial number of points week in and week out. Additionally, with Everton’s attacking style of play and the creative talents around him, Danjuma is poised to excel even further in the upcoming season. For FPL managers seeking an affordable yet potent option in their squad, Danjuma undoubtedly represents a fantastic choice that could yield significant rewards.

Dwight McNeil

McNeil is rumoured to have picked up an injury in their friendly against Stoke on the weekend so we’ll wait and see how bad that injury before including him in our Fantasy Premier League teams. However Demarai Gray is currently rumoured to be making a move from Everton to Fulham this season, and in 2022/23 Dwight McNeil was probably the next most creative outlet for Everton after Gray. Posting a xGI of 8.96, which is 2.09 xGI better than Alex Iwobi who is next in the list. At £5.5 million, we’re not spoiled for choice on dependable starters who will return, so Dwight McNeil might just work out for the 0.8% of managers that have selected him currently.

Best Everton Fantasy Premier League Forwards

Dominic Calvert-Lewin… When fit

If Calvert-Lewin manages to stay fit then surely he has to be a great pick. He’ll be leading the line for Sean Dyche and will hopefully will be able to rediscover the form that’s lead him to 11 England caps. He’s now only £6.0 million too, which makes him a decent risk to take as he know he has quite a high ceiling should he have a decent run of games in the side. He’s currently selected by 2.3% of managers in the game, so maybe he is worth the gamble but there are other good options around his price tag.


As our exploration of the best Everton Fantasy Premier League picks for the 2023/24 season comes to a close, we hope you’ve unearthed a wealth of options to strengthen your FPL squad. The Toffees’ treasure trove of talent offers an enticing array of players capable of propelling your team to new heights.

Whether you opt for the goal-scoring prowess of Everton’s lethal strikers, the creative brilliance of their midfield maestros, or the defensive resilience of their backline stalwarts, each pick promises a unique blend of points potential and excitement.

As you embark on your FPL journey with the Toffees’ stars in tow, remember to keep a watchful eye on form, fixtures, and potential rotation. Everton’s thrilling performances and dynamic style make them an excellent source of FPL assets, but strategic planning and timely transfers will ensure you make the most of their brilliance.

From Goodison Park to your FPL team, may the spirit of the Toffees propel you towards a triumphant season filled with goals, assists, and clean sheets. Whether you soar to the top of the league or engage in an exciting battle for glory, may your FPL adventure with the best Everton picks be an unforgettable one.

Thank you for joining us on this captivating journey through the world of Fantasy Premier League. Best of luck, and here’s to a fantastic 2023/24 season of FPL success with the mighty Toffees!



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