Best £6.5 Million Midfielders In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

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August 15, 2023

Best £6.5 Million Midfielders In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

As the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season unfolds, the quest for the perfect midfield combination is a puzzle every manager seeks to solve. In a dynamic market of midfield maestros, the £6.5 million bracket offers a sweet spot that strikes a balance between quality and affordability. This blog takes you on a journey through the standout midfielders in this category, unveiling the hidden gems that could propel your FPL team to new heights. From creative playmakers to goal-scoring dynamos, these midfielders bring a plethora of skills to the table, making them not only valuable assets but also strategic differentiators in your FPL squad. So, let’s dive into the realm of £6.5 million midfield marvels and discover the players that could be the driving force behind your FPL success. If you enjoy this then be sure to check out our best £4.0 million defenders and best £4.5 million forwards.

Bryan Mbuemo

In the realm of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), as the landscape shifts and strategies adapt, one name that has gained prominence amongst the best £6.5 million midfielders is Bryan Mbuemo. His role and impact have taken on a new dimension due to recent developments, notably Ivan Toney’s absence. Mbuemo’s position has evolved, positioning him further up the pitch, and the potential for him to garner more points is now palpable. One particularly enticing aspect is his role as the designated penalty taker, a responsibility that could translate into valuable points for FPL managers. Mbuemo’s dynamic presence and enhanced responsibilities in this shifted context make him a compelling choice in the midst of FPL’s ever-changing landscape. As the season progresses, his prowess and potential to make a significant difference on FPL leaderboards are increasingly coming to the forefront of strategic discussions.

Bryan Mbuemo - Brentford Best Fantasy Premier League Picks

Kaoru Mitoma

In the ever-evolving landscape of the football world, one name that has emerged as a beacon of promise is Kaoru Mitoma. Renowned for his agility and trickery on the wing, Mitoma made a resounding impact during his debut season. As the new season dawns, anticipation is rife as Mitoma sets his sights on building upon his initial success. With a thirst for consistent game time, the talented winger is poised to unlock even greater dimensions of his potential.

Mitoma’s meteoric rise was punctuated by flashes of brilliance, showcasing his ability to navigate past defenders and create scoring opportunities. His knack for turning the tide of matches has swiftly made him a pivotal asset for Brighton. Stepping into the spotlight, he’s poised to shoulder the mantle of one of the club’s most crucial players.

With the momentum garnered from his debut season, Mitoma’s hunger to carve out a more significant role is palpable. As he hones his skills and adapts to the rigours of top-tier football, FPL managers and football enthusiasts alike are eager to witness the next chapters of his journey. If he can translate his innate flair and determination into consistent performances, Mitoma has the potential to become a household name both on the pitch and in the dynamic realm of Fantasy Premier League.

Moussa Diaby

On our list of Best £6.5 Million Midfielders. In the intricate tapestry of Fantasy Premier League (FPL) choices, a captivating option has emerged in the form of Moussa Diaby, a player boasting serious pedigree as he transitions from Bayer Leverkusen to Aston Villa. Diaby’s entry onto the FPL stage has been nothing short of remarkable, amplified by his role within a formidable front two alongside Ollie Watkins. This tactical adaptation not only capitalises on Diaby’s innate attacking flair but also underscores his seamless integration into Villa’s offensive dynamics.

Diaby’s journey to the Premier League is accompanied by an impressive track record, garnered during his time at Bayer Leverkusen. His exposure to high-stakes football in one of Europe’s top leagues has honed his skills and refined his understanding of the game. As he brings this wealth of experience to Aston Villa, the prospect of his FPL contribution becomes all the more enticing.

Within the realm of FPL, Diaby’s allure extends beyond his on-field prowess. For astute managers navigating financial constraints, Diaby emerges as a beacon of opportunity, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on impact. His tactical partnership with Watkins resonates with the unpredictability and adaptability that can sway match outcomes, ensuring that his FPL potential remains consistently engaging.

As the FPL saga unfolds, Diaby’s arrival adds a layer of strategic complexity. His transition from the Bundesliga to the Premier League is marked not only by a change in scenery but by the potential to significantly influence the course of games. Armed with a pedigree cultivated on the continental stage, Diaby’s rise within the FPL ranks reflects not just a tactical choice, but a calculated move that aligns with his proven track record and Aston Villa’s aspirations.

Harvey Barnes

Next in the list of Best £6.5 Million Midfielders, Harvey Barnes has once again ignited the spotlight with a goal and an assist over the weekend. As FPL managers revel in the unpredictability of the league, Barnes’s stellar performance has cast a shadow of contemplation over Eddie Howe’s tactical decisions. The question now looms: will Barnes’s consistent form make him a prime candidate for Howe’s selections?

Barnes’s recent showcase of skill and contribution has presented a welcome conundrum for Howe, who finds himself in the delicate position of weighing options. The allure of Barnes’s goal and assist, underlined by his inherent dynamism, may very well sway the balance in favour of more frequent inclusions. As he revels in this impressive display, Barnes has drawn a roadmap to securing a more permanent role in the squad.

The currency of FPL thrives on consistent game time, and Barnes’s form has positioned him as a name to watch closely. The promise of points and his knack for creating goal-scoring opportunities carry the potential to significantly impact FPL scoresheets. For managers attuned to the ebbs and flows of player dynamics, Barnes’s surge serves as an invitation to consider his inclusion.

Eberechi Eze

In the wake of Wilfried Zaha’s departure to Fenerbahçe, a new chapter unfolds for Crystal Palace and the Fantasy Premier League (FPL) landscape, with all eyes turning to the enigmatic talent of Eberechi Eze. As Zaha bids farewell, Eze steps into a void left by the departure of the club’s talismanic figure. Eze’s role now extends beyond expectation, as he is set to venture further up the pitch and contribute even more substantially to Palace’s attacking endeavours. Notably, Eze’s exceptional performance in the latter part of the previous season under the guidance of Roy Hodgson marks him as one of the standout performers. The hope is that he’ll continue to harness that momentum and translate it into consistent FPL points. Eze’s creative flair, versatility, and potential to seize the spotlight in Zaha’s absence add an intriguing layer to the FPL narrative. With his newfound responsibilities and a promising trajectory, Eze could very well become the focal point of both Crystal Palace’s attacking play and FPL managers’ strategic considerations. Is Eze of the Best £6.5 Million Midfielders in FPL? You choose.

Ebere Eze - How Important Are Fixtures in Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

Bernardo Silva

As we continue to ponder the list of Best £6.5 Million Midfielders in FPL this year, we discuss Bernado Silva. In the realm of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), a landscape defined by calculated decisions and strategic choices, Bernardo Silva’s recent performance raises questions about his potential as a standout option. While Silva is a player of repute, his recent outing against Burnley revealed a stark contrast in expected goal (xG) and expected assist (xA) statistics, with a mere 0.03 xG and 0.03 xA recorded. This performance underlines a trend that may give pause to FPL managers considering Silva as a top-tier choice.

In assessing FPL prospects, the ability to consistently generate meaningful attacking statistics is a pivotal factor. Players like Eze, for instance, have demonstrated a propensity for higher xG and xA figures, signifying a greater likelihood of influencing the scoresheet and accumulating points over the course of a season. The FPL landscape thrives on calculated selections, and those who consistently deliver in terms of goal involvement hold a distinct advantage.

Silva’s track record is undeniably impressive, but the FPL terrain is dynamic and unforgiving. As the season unfolds, the contrast in statistical contribution raises legitimate concerns about Silva’s potential to consistently rack up points. While Silva remains a notable figure, the FPL journey is marked by pragmatism, and the allure of higher xG and xA figures presents a compelling case for managers who seek reliable sources of points accumulation.

Solly March

March’s ascent to a more advanced position aligns perfectly with his penchant for contributing to both goals and assists. Last season’s exploits showcased his ability to carve opportunities and seamlessly intertwine in Brighton’s attacking fabric. With every match, March defies the odds and defies conventional notions of recognition, making him an underrated treasure.

The FPL landscape is often swayed by the allure of marquee names, but gems like March flourish in the shadows. His 3.2% ownership underscores the untapped potential that lies within his repertoire. In a world where consistency and reliability are prized, March’s consistent involvement in Brighton’s attacking endeavours positions him as a hidden hero for astute managers.


In the world of Fantasy Premier League, midfielders hold the keys to unlocking your team’s potential. Our exploration of the best £6.5 million midfielders has illuminated the talents of those who offer a blend of creativity, goal threat, and consistency. These players, each possessing their unique skill sets, can elevate your FPL team beyond expectations. As the season progresses, remember that the magic of FPL lies in strategic decisions, adaptable formations, and astute player choices. Whether you opt for the playmaking prowess of one or the goal-scoring flair of another, the best £6.5 million midfielders we’ve explored have the potential to shape your FPL narrative. So, as the battles on the pitch continue, use your newfound knowledge to navigate the FPL landscape and make your mark in the race for fantasy glory.



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