Best £4.5 Million Forwards To Own Ahead Of Gameweek 1

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August 10, 2023

Best £4.5 Million Forwards To Own Ahead Of Gameweek 1

As the Premier League season draws near, fantasy football managers are eagerly assessing their options, looking for that perfect blend of talent and value. Finding the right balance between star power and affordability is a puzzle every seasoned fantasy player aims to solve. If you’re aiming to build a formidable team without breaking the bank, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for. In this article, we delve into the world of budget-friendly forwards, pinpointing the best £4.5 million options that could make a big impact on your squad ahead of Gameweek 1. From hidden gems to rising stars, we’ve done the research so you can make the right choices and kick off the season with a competitive edge. Let’s explore the names that could transform your fantasy team without denting your budget.

Divin Mubama – West Ham £4.5 Million Forward

Divin Mubama has swiftly emerged as a standout gem within the realm of Best £4.5 Million Forwards options in FPL, boasting an inviting price tag of just £4.5 million. The departure of Gianluca Scamacca and the looming possibility of Michail Antonio’s exit have paved a clearer path for Mubama to secure crucial playing time under the strategic guidance of David Moyes. This shift in circumstances positions him favourably to ascend into a more influential role within West Ham’s attacking strategy. Mubama’s wallet-friendly cost coupled with the escalating likelihood of his active participation renders him a captivating choice for astute FPL managers who seek hidden potentials. While inherent risks come with entrusting emerging talents, Mubama’s ability to grasp opportunities and imprint his mark on the field introduces the prospect of a calculated investment, particularly for those keen on capitalising on his burgeoning prominence within the ranks of the West Ham squad.

Cameron Archer – Aston Villa £4.5 Million Forward

Cameron Archer emerges as a standout choice among the £4.5 million forward options in Fantasy Premier League, especially if Unai Emery opts to retain him at the club. With potential concerns surrounding the depth at striker for Aston Villa, Archer becomes an intriguing prospect should Ollie Watkins face an injury setback. Archer’s promising performances and natural goal-scoring ability showcased in lower-tier competitions underline his potential to seize the opportunity and make a significant impact on the Premier League stage. If given the chance, Archer could not only provide a budget-friendly option for FPL managers but also offer a breath of fresh air to Villa’s attacking prowess under Emery’s guidance. His rise to prominence in such a scenario could indeed add a dynamic edge to FPL strategies while also bolstering Aston Villa’s frontline capabilities.

Antoine Semenyo – AFC Bournemouth £4.5 Million Forward

Antoine Semenyo’s notable transition to Bournemouth, marked by a significant January move, has ignited anticipation among Fantasy Premier League enthusiasts. The shift to an attacking-oriented environment under the tutelage of manager Andoni Iraola suggests that Semenyo’s fleeting appearances at the close of the previous season could potentially evolve into more regular starts in the Premier League. Despite facing formidable competition within the squad, Semenyo’s blend of pace, skill, and versatility presents an exciting proposition. If granted a consistent run of games, he possesses the capacity to emerge as a differentiating factor in FPL strategies, particularly for those who harbor a long-term belief in Bournemouth’s prospects. As the season unfolds, Semenyo’s potential to seize the spotlight could not only reshape FPL team compositions but also mirror Bournemouth’s aspirations of making a lasting impact on the Premier League stage.


As the countdown to Gameweek 1 continues, assembling a winning fantasy football team demands careful consideration and a strategic approach. The quest for value is never-ending, and the Best £4.5 Million Forwards presented in this guide offer a unique opportunity to maximise your roster while minimising costs. Whether you opt for the raw potential of a young talent or the experience of a seasoned campaigner, these budget-friendly options could be the key to unlocking those crucial points. Remember, the Premier League is a realm of surprises, where emerging stars often outshine their more celebrated counterparts. By incorporating these affordable forwards into your lineup, you’re not only making a frugal decision, but also tapping into the potential for unexpected rewards. As the season kicks off, may your selections be shrewd, your transfers timely, and your fantasy journey an unforgettable ride. Here’s to a successful and rewarding fantasy football season!



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