Best £4.5 Million Defenders In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

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August 12, 2023

Best £4.5 Million Defenders In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)

Welcome, fantasy football enthusiasts, to a guide that delves into the intriguing realm of the Fantasy Premier League’s (FPL) defenders! The backbone of any successful FPL squad, defenders play a pivotal role in securing clean sheets, creating assists, and even finding the back of the net on occasion. In this article, we’re focusing on a very specific price point – the £4.5 million defenders that often fly under the radar but possess the potential to bring immense value to your FPL team.

While the star strikers and midfield maestros might get the lion’s share of attention, smart managers know that constructing a balanced and efficient defense is equally crucial. So, if you’re on a tight budget or simply looking to maximise the value of your FPL squad, these unassuming £4.5 million defenders might just be the hidden gems that elevate your team to new heights.

Levi Colwill – £4.5 Million Defender

Amidst the buzzing excitement of the Fantasy Premier League, one name that’s been generating a palpable stir is the unassuming yet highly promising defender who hails from Brighton. His remarkable campaign with the Seagulls showcased not only his defensive prowess but also his ability to contribute on the attack, making him a standout performer in his position. Adding a glimmer of international glory to his repertoire, his triumphant journey in the Euro U21 championship underscored his potential to excel on the grandest stages.

Priced at an attractive £4.5 million, this young talent has now stepped into a new chapter of his career, one that is painted with even more game time and the promise of continued growth. His recent elevation up the pecking order is not just a result of luck, but rather a testament to his dedication and the trust he’s garnered from his team. Notably, the current landscape has thrust him further into the spotlight due to critical injuries in the Chelsea defence, presenting him with the opportunity to prove his mettle on a wider canvas. As we look ahead, there’s a strong sense that this rising star is on the cusp of a breakthrough season, making him an astute choice for any FPL manager seeking both value and potential in equal measure.

Pau Torres - Best Aston Villa FPL Picks

Pau Torres – £4.5 Million Defender

Pau Torres, a talented and versatile defender, has emerged as a pivotal player for a resurgent Aston Villa team led by the experienced Unai Emery. With the potential threat of injury looming over Tyrone Mings, Torres’s importance in the squad has only been magnified. Blessed with exceptional defensive acumen, composure on the ball, and a keen sense of positioning, Torres embodies the modern centre back prototype. His ability to read the game and initiate attacks from the back makes him an ideal fit for Emery’s tactical approach. As Villa sets its sights on a top-half finish, Torres’s consistent presence in the starting lineup could serve as a cornerstone for defensive solidity and progressive play. His partnership with Mings, when fit, promises to fortify the team’s defensive spine and provide the platform for Villa’s ambitions under Emery’s strategic guidance.

Sven Botman – £4.5 Million Defender

Sven Botman, a rising star in the world of football, presents a compelling proposition for Fantasy Premier League managers seeking defensive solidity without breaking the bank. With Newcastle’s fixtures improving significantly after Gameweek 3, Botman’s inclusion in your FPL squad could prove to be a masterstroke. Valued at an affordable price, Botman’s commanding presence at the back and aerial prowess make him an attractive alternative to the higher-priced options like Kieran Trippier. As Newcastle faces more favourable opponents for clean sheet potential, Botman’s ability to accumulate points through defensive contributions becomes even more appealing. By opting for Botman, FPL managers can allocate their budget more flexibly, allowing for strategic investments in other key areas of their squad. As the season progresses, Botman’s consistent performances could translate into a valuable asset both on the field and in the realm of fantasy football.

Rico Henry

Rico Henry – £4.5 Million Defender

Rico Henry emerges as a captivating prospect for Fantasy Premier League enthusiasts, offering exceptional value at a modest price of £4.5 million. Although predominantly a left-back by trade, Henry’s role at Brentford grants him the license to venture forward along the left wing with remarkable freedom. This unique positioning enhances his potential for both defensive and attacking returns, making him an enticing option for FPL managers seeking points from multiple avenues. Henry’s proficiency in crossing and linking up with the attack could translate into a consistent stream of assists and bonus points, further bolstering his appeal. As part of Brentford’s side, Henry’s contributions to their defensive solidity and offensive impetus could make him a cornerstone of FPL squads, allowing managers to allocate their budget wisely and potentially reap the rewards of his dynamic performances throughout the season.


As the final whistle blows on our exploration of the best £4.5 million defenders in the Fantasy Premier League, it’s clear that football, even in the realm of fantasy, is a game full of surprises and untapped potential. These unheralded defenders might not boast the celebrity status of their more expensive counterparts, but they carry with them the promise of consistent points, tactical advantage, and the thrill of a well-timed clean sheet.

Remember, crafting a formidable FPL squad is an art that combines careful research, strategic thinking, and a dash of luck. The next time you’re selecting your defenders, don’t underestimate the impact that these budget-friendly options can have on your overall performance. Whether they’re thwarting opponents’ attacks, delivering precise crosses, or making unexpected goal-line clearances, these £4.5 million defenders embody the essence of what makes fantasy football so captivating – the unscripted drama that keeps us glued to the virtual pitch week after week.



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