6 Players To Avoid Before Gameweek 1 2023/24

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August 11, 2023

6 Players To Avoid Before Gameweek 1 2023/24

The anticipation is building, the excitement is palpable, and the countdown to the new Premier League season is well underway. As managers across the globe fine-tune their fantasy football squads for Gameweek 1 of the 2023/24 season, crucial decisions must be made. Picking the right players who will deliver points and propel you to the top of the fantasy league is of utmost importance. However, just as there are gems to be discovered, there are also potential pitfalls that could sink your fantasy aspirations before the season even kicks off. In this guide, we’ll delve into the 6 Players To Avoid Before Gameweek 1, helping you dodge potential traps and set the foundation for a successful fantasy campaign.


First on the list of 6 Players To Avoid Before Gameweek 1 is Ederson. When considering your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team for the upcoming 2023/24 season, it’s crucial to meticulously analyse each player’s potential point contribution. One player who might not be the ideal choice for your goalkeeper slot is Ederson. While he’s undoubtedly a top-class goalkeeper for Manchester City, his fantasy point ceiling seems relatively low. This limitation primarily arises from City’s defensive prowess, as they tend to keep their opponents at bay, resulting in fewer shots on target against them. While this is great for clean sheet potential, it does impact Ederson’s ability to accumulate points through saves. Unlike some other goalkeepers who might be busier between the posts, Ederson’s save points are expected to remain on the lower side. In terms of his point potential, a clean sheet could earn you a solid 6 points each gameweek, making it the pinnacle of his scoring prospects. Therefore, while Ederson can provide stability to your FPL team, if you’re aiming for a goalkeeper who can consistently rack up points through various avenues, you might want to explore other options.

Sven Botman

Sven Botman emerges as a captivating prospect for your Fantasy Premier League (FPL) team, particularly as Newcastle faces a challenging set of fixtures at the beginning of the 2023/24 season. While Botman’s defensive prowess and commanding presence at the back make him an intriguing option, it might be prudent to consider him for the later gameweeks rather than the initial rounds. Newcastle’s tough opening fixtures could potentially limit their clean sheet opportunities, impacting Botman’s point potential. However, as the season progresses and Newcastle’s fixture list eases up, Botman could truly come into his own, becoming an excellent defensive asset for your FPL squad. His ability to contribute not only to clean sheets but also occasional set-piece threats can make him a valuable player to watch as the season unfolds, making him a potential game-changer for your FPL team down the line.

Best Goalkeepers For GW1 in Fantasy Premier League - Aaron Ramsdale

Aaron Ramsdale

The recent acquisition of David Raya by Arsenal raises questions about Aaron Ramsdale’s long-term starting prospects. With the arrival of Raya, Arsenal now boasts increased depth in the goalkeeper position, potentially impacting Ramsdale’s consistent presence in the starting lineup. While Ramsdale’s talent and potential cannot be denied, the competition for the goalkeeper spot is likely to intensify. This situation may lead to uncertainties regarding his regular game time over the course of the season. As FPL managers, it’s essential to weigh the potential risk of Ramsdale potentially losing his starting role against his potential as a shot-stopper, and consider alternative options that offer more secure playing time, especially at the beginning of the campaign.

Alexis Mac Allister

Alexis Mac Allister emerged as a promising Fantasy Premier League (FPL) option last season due to his role as a number 10, which allowed him to contribute significantly to his team’s attacking endeavors. However, with his recent move to Liverpool, there’s an anticipation that his positioning might shift slightly deeper on the field. This potential change could impact his point-scoring potential in FPL. Playing in a deeper role might limit his involvement in goal-scoring opportunities and his ability to directly influence the attacking play as he did in his previous position. While Mac Allister’s versatility and technical ability remain undeniable, FPL managers should consider this tactical alteration and its potential consequences before deciding on his inclusion in their squads for the upcoming season. It might be wise to assess his performance in the new role during the initial gameweeks before making a decision on his long-term viability as an FPL asset.

Darwin Núñez

Darwin Núñez undoubtedly holds significant potential as an attractive Fantasy Premier League (FPL) option, provided he secures a guaranteed spot in the starting lineup. His prowess as a goal-scorer and his ability to create opportunities make him an intriguing choice for FPL managers. However, the current situation casts a shadow of uncertainty due to the presence of other formidable attacking options like Gakpo, Salah, Diaz, and Jota, who are all fit and competing for starting roles. This scenario presents a substantial risk for FPL managers considering Núñez. His game time might be compromised in such a competitive environment, impacting his ability to consistently accumulate points. While Núñez’s potential rewards are enticing, FPL managers must carefully assess the level of competition he faces and the likelihood of his consistent inclusion in the starting lineup before making the decision to invest in him for the upcoming season.

Evan Ferguson

Evan Ferguson

Evan Ferguson’s Fantasy Premier League (FPL) appeal might face a hurdle following the notable signing of João Pedro from Watford for a substantial fee of £30 million. While Ferguson showcased promise and potential, the arrival of a high-profile player like Pedro raises uncertainties about his starting prospects. Ferguson’s limited participation in pre-season games further compounds the uncertainty surrounding his role in the team. While he demonstrated glimpses of talent, FPL managers should exercise caution due to the increased competition for playing time. Investing in Ferguson at this juncture might involve a higher degree of risk, considering the potential for reduced minutes and a less certain point accumulation. Keeping an eye on his involvement in the initial gameweeks could provide a clearer picture of his status within the squad and his viability as an FPL asset moving forward.


As the dawn of a new Premier League season approaches, the fantasy football landscape is brimming with possibilities. Making shrewd decisions in the lead-up to Gameweek 1 can make all the difference in your quest for fantasy glory. By avoiding the players mentioned in this guide, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the unpredictable waters of the fantasy football world. Remember, while these players might seem tempting due to their reputations or past performances, it’s crucial to assess their current situations and form objectively. Keep your finger on the pulse of team news, transfers, and preseason performances, and most importantly, trust your instincts. As the season unfolds, stay adaptable, stay informed, and above all, stay excited for the roller-coaster ride that is Premier League fantasy football. May your decisions be wise, your captain picks on point, and your journey to fantasy success an unforgettable one. Thank you for reading 6 Players To Avoid Before Gameweek 1.



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