The Best Fantasy Premier League “Enablers” in 2023/24

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August 12, 2023

The Best Fantasy Premier League “Enablers” in 2023/24

Welcome to The Best Fantasy Premier League “Enablers” in 2023/24. In the ever-evolving landscape of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), finding budget-friendly players who consistently deliver solid points is crucial for building a successful squad. These players, known as “enablers,” allow FPL managers to free up funds to invest in premium assets. In the 2023/24 season, several hidden gems have emerged as valuable enablers. In this blog, we’ll explore five of the best FPL enablers to help you make strategic choices and maximise your team’s potential.

Issa Kaboré – £4.0 Million Defender

In the realm of Fantasy Premier League for the 2023/24 season, Issa Kaboré emerges as a standout enabler for astute managers. Priced at an appealing £4.0 million, Kaboré’s versatility as a wing-back for Luton presents an enticing proposition. His forward-thinking role grants him the freedom to venture high up the pitch, potentially contributing to attacking plays and earning valuable assists. While Luton’s defensive record might not inspire confidence in securing clean sheets, Kaboré’s low price tag counterbalances this concern. As an affordable and cheerful option, Kaboré offers FPL managers the opportunity to allocate resources elsewhere while still benefiting from his potential points returns. The key here lies in harnessing his offensive contributions to balance the defensive shortcomings, making him a calculated gamble that could pay off handsomely in terms of points and strategic flexibility.

Joao Pedro – £5.5 Million Forward

Amidst the multitude of budget-friendly forward options in Fantasy Premier League’s 2023/24 season, Joao Pedro stands out as a prime choice at a mere £5.5 million. Holding the responsibility of penalty duties for Brighton, Pedro adds an extra layer of points potential to his profile. Brighton’s consistent attacking displays further elevate his appeal, as they continue to showcase their prowess in front of goal. With no signs of slowing down, Pedro’s knack for finding the back of the net shouldn’t go unnoticed. As an affordable striker with a propensity for goal-scoring, he has the potential to deliver a solid return on investment. In a landscape where securing goals at a budget is essential, Joao Pedro stands as a testament to the idea that high-quality output can come at an enticingly low cost.

Matt Turner – £4.0 Million Goalkeeper

With his recent move to Nottingham Forest, all signs point towards Matt Turner stepping into the role of the starting goalkeeper. Particularly in the next few gameweeks, his position between the posts seems secure, barring any unforeseen developments in the transfer market. As long as Nottingham Forest doesn’t secure another goalkeeper, FPL managers are presented with a golden opportunity to have a consistent starting option at an affordable £4.0 million price point. Turner’s presence provides the potential for substantial clean sheet points and saves, making him an intriguing prospect for budget-conscious managers looking for stability in the goalkeeper position. This move could prove to be a strategic masterstroke, guaranteeing a dependable starter at least until January, and potentially reaping rewards in terms of points and financial flexibility.

Elliot Anderson – £4.5 Million Midfielders

Elliot Anderson’s pre-season performances for Newcastle United have undoubtedly caught the eye, showcasing his undeniable potential under the watchful gaze of Eddie Howe. If his abilities have left a lasting impression on the new manager, it’s highly likely that Anderson could secure some valuable game time during the upcoming season. While the prospect of consistent appearances remains uncertain, his price tag of £4.5 million makes him an enticing proposition for Fantasy Premier League managers. This young talent possesses the capability to impact games and contribute significantly, potentially translating into valuable points. As the season progresses, keeping an eye on Anderson’s role and involvement could prove to be a shrewd FPL move, with the potential for his talent to shine through and offer substantial returns for savvy managers.


Navigating the dynamic realm of Fantasy Premier League requires unearthing the the best Fantasy Premier League “Enablers” in 2023/24 that can make all the difference in your journey to success. As we’ve delved into in this blog, the 2023/24 season introduces a plethora of enticing options that have the potential to elevate your FPL team from satisfactory to exceptional. From the tactical adaptability of certain players to the unpredicted attacking flair exhibited by defenders, these enablers inject a fresh perspective into the game. By shrewdly incorporating these economically viable talents into your squad, you not only establish a strong foundation but also open doors for impressive points hauls. While the season gradually unfolds, maintain a watchful gaze on their performances, adjust your strategy accordingly, and keep in mind that FPL triumph frequently relies on spotting the hidden treasures that might elude others. Equip yourself with knowledge, have faith in your instincts, and may your chosen enablers lay down the path for a triumphant FPL campaign.



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