What Is The “Eye Test” In Fantasy Football and What Does It Mean?

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July 30, 2023

What Is The “Eye Test” In Fantasy Football and What Does It Mean?

Fantasy football is as much an art as it is a science. Beyond analyzing statistics and data, there’s an intangible factor that many experienced managers swear by – the “eye test.” The “eye test” is a subjective evaluation of a player’s on-field performances and overall impact, allowing fantasy managers to go beyond the numbers and make more informed decisions. In this blog, we’ll delve into what the “eye test” means in fantasy football, its significance in player evaluation, and how it can give you a competitive edge in your fantasy league.

Understanding the “Eye Test” in Fantasy Football:

The “eye test” refers to the act of visually observing a player’s performances during real football matches, rather than solely relying on statistical data. It involves watching how a player moves, positions themselves, and executes their skills on the field. This firsthand observation enables fantasy managers to assess players beyond the numbers, helping them identify potential hidden gems, gauge form and consistency, and spot emerging talent.

Importance of the “Eye Test” in Player Evaluation:

While statistical analysis provides valuable insights, it doesn’t always capture the nuances of a player’s contribution to the team. The “eye test” can help bridge this gap. For instance, a player might not have impressive goal or assist statistics, but the way they link up play, create space for teammates, or make intelligent runs could make them a valuable asset for both their real team and your fantasy squad.

The “eye test” can also help in identifying players who are on the cusp of a breakout or are experiencing a dip in form. Watching their performances can give you an advantage in acquiring them before their value skyrockets or transferring them out before a decline in points.

How to Utilise the “Eye Test” Effectively:

Watch Matches:

Whenever possible, watch live football matches or match highlights to observe players in action. Pay attention to their movements, decision-making, and impact on the game.

Analyze Player Heatmaps and Touch Maps:

These visual representations can provide additional context to a player’s performance, showing where they spend most of their time on the pitch and their involvement in build-up play or attacking actions.

Engage with Football Experts:

Participate in discussions with football analysts and experts to gain different perspectives on player performances. Engaging with the football community can help you broaden your understanding and uncover valuable insights.


The “eye test” in fantasy football goes beyond mere statistics and data analysis. It is a subjective yet essential component of player evaluation that can help fantasy managers make more informed decisions. By observing players in action, assessing their impact on the field, and understanding their roles within their teams, you can uncover hidden gems, gauge form and consistency, and stay ahead of the competition in your fantasy league. Embrace it as a powerful tool in your fantasy football toolkit and enhance your chances of success as you lead your team to victory. For more FPL tips and tricks then click here!



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