Double Trouble: Strategies for Maximising Points in FPL Double Gameweeks

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July 18, 2023

Double Trouble: Strategies for Maximising Points in FPL Double Gameweeks

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) managers eagerly anticipate the arrival of double gameweeks, a thrilling period where teams play twice within a single gameweek. These double gameweeks provide an opportunity to maximise points and gain an edge over your rivals in the FPL standings. However, they also come with unique challenges and require careful planning and strategy. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective strategies to help you navigate double gameweeks and optimise your FPL squad for maximum points.

Identify the Double Gameweeks:

The first step is to identify the gameweeks with double fixtures. The FPL schedule is usually announced in advance, but keep an eye on fixture changes due to cup competitions or weather conditions. Double gameweeks are typically announced closer to the actual fixtures, so stay updated through official FPL channels and reliable sources. Once you have the information, plan your transfers and team selection accordingly.

Target Teams with Double Fixtures:

During double gameweeks, some teams have two fixtures instead of the usual one. Targeting players from these teams is an excellent strategy to maximise your point potential. Look for teams with favorable fixtures and consider bringing in their key players who are likely to play both matches. Focus on players who are in good form, have a high goal involvement, and are consistent point-scorers.

Prioritise Captains:

Double gameweeks offer an excellent opportunity to double up on captaincy points. Since your captain’s points are doubled, selecting the right player for the armband becomes crucial. Look for players who have the potential to deliver big hauls and have favourable fixtures. Consider captaincy candidates from teams with double fixtures, as they have a higher chance of accumulating more points over the gameweek.

Plan Your Transfers:

Managing your transfers effectively is vital in double gameweeks. Avoid taking hits unless absolutely necessary, as they can hinder your point-scoring potential. Prioritise bringing in players who have two fixtures in the double gameweek, ensuring they have a high chance of playing both matches. Also, consider the fixtures beyond the double gameweek to maintain a balanced squad in the long run.

Utilise Bench Boost and Triple Captain Chips:

Double gameweeks are the ideal time to deploy your Bench Boost and Triple Captain chips. The Bench Boost chip allows you to earn points from all your active players, including those on the bench. Ensure you have a strong bench with players from teams with double fixtures to maximise the chip’s impact. The Triple Captain chip doubles your captain’s points for the gameweek, providing an excellent opportunity to boost your score.

Monitor Squad Rotation:

With two matches in a short span, squad rotation becomes a concern during double gameweeks. Keep an eye on press conferences, injury updates, and team news to ensure your selected players are likely to start both matches. Having a bench with capable replacements is essential to cover any unexpected rotation or injuries.

Double gameweeks present a thrilling challenge for FPL managers, offering the opportunity to significantly boost your points total. By identifying the double fixtures, targeting players from teams with favourable schedules, prioritising captains, planning transfers wisely, and utilising your chips effectively, you can maximise your point-scoring potential. Stay updated with reliable sources and remain flexible in your strategy to adapt to any last-minute changes. With careful planning and a bit of luck, you can excel in double gameweeks and propel yourself up the FPL standings. Good luck!

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