How Do Goalkeepers Get Points In FPL?

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July 07, 2023

How Do Goalkeepers Get Points In FPL?

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) has captivated football fans worldwide, offering an immersive experience that allows you to manage your own team and compete against friends or fellow enthusiasts. While the spotlight often shines on the attacking prowess of strikers and midfield maestros, goalkeepers also play a vital role in FPL. In this blog post, we will delve into the intriguing world of FPL goalkeepers and explore how they can score points for your fantasy team.

  1. Clean Sheets: The primary objective of a goalkeeper in real football is to keep a clean sheet by preventing the opposing team from scoring. In FPL, clean sheets hold significant value and contribute to your goalkeeper’s point tally. For each clean sheet earned, a goalkeeper receives 4 points, making it a crucial factor in maximising their FPL score.
  2. Saves: Goalkeepers are often called upon to make crucial saves that can change the course of a match. In FPL, every three saves made by your goalkeeper are rewarded with an additional point. This means that even if your goalkeeper concedes goals, they can still accumulate points through their shot-stopping abilities.
  3. Penalties Saved: The sight of a goalkeeper dramatically denying a penalty is a memorable moment in football. In FPL, such heroics are also duly recognised. If your chosen goalkeeper saves a penalty during a match, they earn an impressive 5 points, boosting their overall score and potentially securing vital points for your fantasy team.
  4. Bonus Points: Apart from the aforementioned categories, goalkeepers can also earn bonus points based on their performance throughout a match. The official FPL algorithm awards bonus points to the top-performing players on the pitch, and this includes goalkeepers who display exceptional skills, such as making important saves or distributing the ball effectively. Bonus points can significantly bolster your goalkeeper’s score and are worth keeping an eye on.
  5. Goal Involvement: While it is relatively rare for goalkeepers to score goals directly, there have been instances where they have contributed to attacking moves. If a goalkeeper assists a goal or even scores one themselves, they receive 6 points, an extraordinary achievement that can truly make a difference in FPL.

Goalkeepers may not always hog the limelight in FPL, but their contributions are invaluable. By accumulating points through clean sheets, saves, penalties saved, bonus points, and even goal involvement, goalkeepers can become significant assets to your fantasy team. When selecting a goalkeeper for your FPL squad, it is essential to consider their shot-stopping abilities, the strength of their team’s defenCe, and their potential to earn valuable points in various categories.

So, as you embark on your FPL journey, remember the importance of a reliable goalkeeper who can earn you crucial points week in and week out. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, your chosen shot-stopper could prove to be a game-changer in your quest for fantasy glory.

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