How Do Defenders Get Points In FPL?

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July 07, 2023

How Do Defenders Get Points In FPL?

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) has captured the imagination of football fans worldwide, providing an exciting platform to test their managerial skills. While strikers and midfielders often steal the limelight, defenders play a crucial role in a team’s success. Understanding how defenders score points in FPL is essential for building a well-balanced squad and maximising your chances of success. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various ways defenders can accumulate points in FPL and offer some tips on selecting the right defensive assets for your team.

  1. How To Score Points With Clean Sheets

One of the primary ways defenders earn points in FPL is through clean sheets. A clean sheet is awarded to a player who completes at least 60 minutes on the pitch while their team does not concede a goal. Each defender and goalkeeper from the winning team receives four points for a clean sheet, while those who play at least 30 minutes receive one point. It’s crucial to select defenders from teams with solid defensive records to maximise your chances of earning clean sheet points.

  1. How Defenders Score Points With Goals and Assists

Defenders have the opportunity to contribute offensively and earn points through goals and assists. While defenders are less likely to score goals compared to midfielders and strikers, it’s not uncommon for them to find the back of the net from set pieces or during open play. When a defender scores a goal, they receive six points, which can significantly boost their overall FPL score. Similarly, if a defender provides an assist, they earn three points. Keep an eye on defenders with attacking potential or who are involved in their team’s set-piece routines for potential points from goals or assists.

  1. How Defenders Score Points With Bonus Points

FPL awards bonus points to the best-performing players in each game based on their overall contribution. These bonus points are allocated to players from both teams, depending on their performances, and can significantly influence a defender’s score. Factors such as tackles won, clearances, interceptions, and key passes contribute to a player’s bonus point tally. Defenders who consistently perform well in these areas have a higher chance of earning bonus points, adding to their overall FPL score.

  1. How Defenders Score Points With Penalties

Defenders have an opportunity to earn points through penalties in certain situations. If a defender is assigned penalty-taking duties for their team and successfully converts a penalty, they receive five points. However, it’s important to note that defenders rarely take penalties, with the responsibility usually falling to attacking players. Nevertheless, having a defender who occasionally takes penalties can be a valuable asset in FPL.

  1. Miscellaneous Points

In addition to the main scoring categories mentioned above, defenders can also accumulate points through various other means. These include minutes played (one point for every 60 minutes played). While these points may seem minimal individually, they can add up over the course of a season and contribute to a defender’s overall FPL score.

Defenders play a vital role in FPL, not only in keeping clean sheets but also in contributing to their team’s attack and accumulating points through goals, assists, and bonus point hauls. Selecting the right defenders for your FPL team requires careful analysis of a player’s defensive capabilities, attacking involvement, and their team’s overall defensive record. By understanding the different ways defenders can score points in FPL, you can build a balanced squad capable of earning significant points throughout the season. So, don’t underestimate the value of defenders and make sure to include some reliable defensive options in your FPL team.

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