How Do Bonus Points Work In FPL?

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July 07, 2023

How Do Bonus Points Work In FPL?

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) has become a beloved pastime for football enthusiasts worldwide. As avid managers meticulously construct their dream teams, one aspect that often leaves newcomers puzzled is the allocation of bonus points. So how do bonus points work in FPL? These elusive rewards play a significant role in determining a player’s overall score and can significantly impact the outcome of a gameweek. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of bonus points in FPL, shedding light on how they are earned and their importance in the game.

Understanding the Basics of How Do Bonus Points Work In FPL?

Before we explore the specifics, let’s establish a foundation. In Fantasy Premier League, players earn points based on their real-life performance in Premier League matches. Bonus points are additional rewards awarded to the best-performing players in a particular match, as determined by a statistical formula.

Bonus Points System

The Bonus Points System (BPS) serves as the framework for awarding bonus points in FPL. This system uses an intricate algorithm to evaluate a player’s contribution to a match based on various statistics, such as goals, assists, clean sheets, shots on target, successful passes, and more. Players are assigned a BPS score ranging from 0 to 100, reflecting their overall performance.

Determining Bonus Points Allocation

At the end of each Premier League match, bonus points are allocated to the top-performing players. The three best players in a match, as determined by the BPS, receive bonus points in a descending order: 3 points for the highest BPS score, 2 points for the second highest, and 1 point for the third highest. If multiple players have the same BPS score, tiebreaker rules come into play, such as minutes played or position-specific criteria.

Impact on FPL Scores

The bonus points earned by players in a match are added to their overall FPL score. Managers who have those players in their respective fantasy teams are granted these additional points, which can significantly enhance their team’s performance. Consequently, having players who consistently earn bonus points can be a crucial factor in climbing up the FPL rankings.

Player Position and Bonus Points

It is worth noting that certain positions tend to accumulate bonus points more frequently. Midfielders often benefit the most from the BPS due to their involvement in both defensive and offensive aspects of the game. For example, they can earn points for goals, assists, completed passes, and defensive contributions. Strikers and defenders can also earn bonus points but may face more competition from other players in their respective positions.

Tips for Maximising Bonus Points

To maximise the potential of earning bonus points for your FPL team, consider the following tips:

  1. Analyse the Fixture List: Pay attention to upcoming matches and identify favourable fixtures where your players have a higher chance of earning bonus points based on their opposition.
  2. Study Player Statistics: Research individual player statistics, such as shots on target, key passes, and successful tackles. This can help you identify players who consistently contribute to their team’s performance.
  3. Monitor BPS Rankings: Stay updated on the Bonus Points System rankings throughout the season to identify players who regularly accumulate BPS points, even if they may not always score or assist.
  4. Seek Players with High BPS Potential: Look for players who have a well-rounded game and are involved in multiple aspects, such as midfielders who contribute to both attacking and defensive phases.

Bonus points form an integral part of the Fantasy Premier League experience, rewarding players who go above and beyond on the football pitch. Understanding how bonus points are allocated and their impact on FPL scores can give you a competitive edge when building your fantasy team. By applying the tips mentioned above and keeping a keen eye on player performances, you can unlock the secrets of bonus points and elevate your FPL journey to new heights. We hope we covered your questions on How Do Bonus Points Work In Fantasy Premier League (FPL)? If you’d like to read more about how the Fantasy Premier League game works then you can read the rest of our game information category content here.



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