When To Use The Bench Boost Chip In FPL?

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June 18, 2023

When To Use The Bench Boost Chip In FPL?

In the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), managers are always seeking strategies to gain an edge over their competitors. One such strategy revolves around the effective utilisation of chips, and the Bench Boost chip stands out as a powerful tool in the arsenal of FPL managers. In this blog, we discuss when to use the bench boost chip in FPL as well as the intricacies of the Bench Boost chip, exploring how to maximise points by strategically activating it and assembling a strong bench for a specific Gameweek.

Understanding the Bench Boost Chip: This chip allows FPL managers to receive points from all 15 players in their squad, rather than just the starting 11. This chip can only be used once in a season, and its activation can significantly boost a team’s point haul if planned and executed correctly.

Timing the Activation: Timing is crucial when using the Bench Boost chip. Ideally, managers activate it during a Gameweek where their bench players have favourable fixtures and a high likelihood of delivering points. It’s often wise to wait for a Double Gameweek, where teams play twice, as it provides an opportunity to maximise the points potential of all 15 squad members.

Analysing Double Gameweeks: Double Gameweeks present a prime opportunity to activate the Bench Boost chip. They occur when a team has two fixtures in a single Gameweek, resulting from fixture rescheduling or cup competitions. Prioritise Double Gameweeks with teams playing favorable opponents, especially those with a strong chance of keeping clean sheets or facing weaker defences.

Building a Strong Bench: To maximise the impact of the Bench Boost chip, it’s crucial to assemble a strong bench comprising players who are likely to feature and perform well during the selected Gameweek. Here are a few considerations when constructing your bench:

  1. Seek Budget-Friendly Players with Favourable Fixtures: Choose affordable players who have the potential for returns in terms of goals, assists, clean sheets, or bonus points. Identify budget enablers who are consistent starters for their respective teams and possess favourable fixtures during the targeted Gameweek.
  2. Prioritise Players with High Potential for Attacking Returns: Look for attacking players who may have a higher chance of goal involvement, such as forwards who are in form, midfielders who take set-pieces, or wing-backs with the potential for assists and clean sheets.
  3. Evaluate Fixture Difficulty: Consider the fixtures of your bench players and identify favourable matchups against weaker opponents or teams with leaky defences. Target fixtures where bench players have a higher chance of clean sheets or attacking returns.
  4. Account for Rotation Risks: Be mindful of potential rotation risks among your bench players. Research the teams and managers known for rotating their squads and select players who are less likely to be rotated during the selected Gameweek.

Strategic Transfers and Squad Management: Leading up to the Gameweek where you plan to activate the Bench Boost chip, consider the following transfer strategies:

  1. Plan for Multiple Gameweeks: To fully capitalise on the Bench Boost chip, make transfers with multiple Gameweeks in mind. Look for players who have favourable fixtures leading up to the Double Gameweek to maximise their potential for returns.
  2. Utilize the Wildcard: Consider using your Wildcard in the Gameweek leading up to the Double Gameweek. This will allow you to make wholesale changes to your squad, bringing in players with favourable fixtures and maximising the potential point returns from your Bench Boost chip.
  3. Monitor Injuries and Suspensions: Stay updated on the latest news regarding injuries, suspensions, and potential returns. Make necessary transfers to ensure a full squad of fit and available players for the targeted Gameweek.

So all in all the chip holds immense potential to significantly boost your team’s point haul if utilised strategically. By carefully analysing Double Gameweeks, constructing a strong bench, and making shrewd transfers, you can maximise the impact of this chip and gain an advantage over your rivals. Remember, timing and squad management are crucial for successful Bench Boost chip deployment. Good luck as you seek to optimise your FPL squad and maximise your points with the Bench Boost chip!

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